Friday $avings: Watch the Register

This week I offer a simple story of how I saved over $15 by paying attention to what the cashier was ringing up. I had snagged five boxes of fresh raspberries (normally $3.98/box) for $0.99/each. They had those lovely green "Managers special" stickers on the top, but they still had the original bar codes on the bottom. I caught the cashier at box #4 - all being rung up for $3.98 rather than $0.99! I nicely pointed it out to her and explained that they were $0.99/each - see the big green sticker? :-)

Moral of the story - always pay attention to how things are ringing up. Just because they have a sticker on them does not mean that they will be rung up correctly.

Linking up to Life as MOM's Frugal Friday post and Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday post - check them out more more great link-ups and frugal tips! Have a great week-end!

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  1. You know what else is frugal? Winning free stuff! Congratulations - you won the giveaway! Let me know which brooch you'd like... :o)


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