Smoothie Your Way to Health...

Don't I wish! However, a couple of weeks ago I came across this article (a friend posted it on Facebook) and overall I thought it had some valid points. One of the things we had cut out of our summer food list is smoothies (not SB friendly when made with all that yummy ice cream). This is a killer for us because there's not much we love more on a hot summer evening than a cold fruit smoothie. However, this article gave us hope and we decided to try a smoothie using Greek yogurt as the base. It really helped when we found plain, blueberry, and strawberry individual-sized Greek yogurt cups on clearance at the grocery. It helped even more when we realized that 6 oz. of the Greek yogurt contained between 12-14g. of protein - not bad for $0.61!

So with a base of the three small cups of Greek yogurt, we added a few fresh raspberries (in the $0.99 cart in the produce section - woo hoo!), Splenda, and a bit of fat-free milk. After a minute or so in the blender it was ready to be tested. Hello yumminess...it's nice to have you back! We won't be doing this every day (everything in moderation is one thing we have learned on this diet!), but it's certainly nice to have an option, and now if I find more of the Greek yogurt on sale I will know what to do with it! Next time we might add some flax and see how that turns out.

The only thing it was lacking was a smidgeon of fat-free cool-whip-in-a-can...next time! :-)

I'm linking this up to Life as MOM (as soon as her Mr. Linky gets fixed) - so head on over there for more great cool summer recipes!


  1. Yes, glad Mr. Linky got fixed. I've never made smoothies with ice cream. Those are milk shakes. ;)

  2. I love smoothies! sometimes we slurge and i cringe when we pay $4 for a smoothy at a local ice cream shop. But i justify that occasionally it is ok! :)

  3. Add spinach to them and turn it into a green smoothie, yum!


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