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I must write a glowing review of the online photo company Snapfish. They totally won me as a customer this past week. I have been working on a rather large family project for several weeks and I started the design stage over at Kodak Gallery. After working for several days at Kodak I discovered I was going to be very limited with what they offered, so with a {groan} at the thought of starting over, I looked around and decided to see what Snapfish could do for me. I was impressed by all their options - design, layout, rearranging and more. Miles ahead of anything Kodak Gallery was offering...and so I started over again. On Thursday night I finally completed the project and placed my order...a large $$$ order. Nothing to sneeze at.

Snapfish logo taken from their website

On Friday morning I started work on a second smaller project and when I went to the Snapfish page I about died because they were offering a coupon code for a % off the orders as a Father's Day deal. On my larger project the % would have been a large chunk of change. A $$$ amount of change. {GULP} I completed my smaller project Friday night, entered the code and got  the % off. It made me feel slightly better, but then I thought, "what if I wrote and asked if they would give me the % off on my larger order...the worst they can say is no." So I wrote an email explaining the situation and asked if they would refund my family member's credit card for the % or if they would at least give me a store credit that I could use at a later date. In all honesty I expected to be told to take a hike. 

On Saturday evening I received an email...they refunded the credit card for the full % which amounted to $170.43!! No questions asked. No argument. No, "Sorry sweetie, you just missed the boat." I was in shock and started yelping in the office until Peter came in to see what in the world was wrong with me. :-)

Carrie's Three Lessons Learned:

#1: It Never Hurts to Ask. You Have Not Because You Ask Not.

#2: Snapfish shall be my first choice in the future for all photo projects. They are a very customer friendly company and I could not be more pleased with them. Buy from Snapfish!!!!! :-)

#3: When shopping, access the store through Ebates. I earned over $82 back on these same two orders...something else I'm not complaining about!!


I'm linking this post up to Frugal Friday over at Life as MOM and Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom - check out both posts for more great money saving ideas!

Although Snapfish does offer an affiliates program, I have chosen not to participate in it. This post is based solely on my personal experience with them and I am in no way biased by possible financial gain - there is none to be had since I'm not an affliliate.

...on the other hand...

The Ebates link creates income for me (even though I would recommend them anyway!). For more information see my disclosure page.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I love to support companies that are honest and do the right thing- especially if they go the extra mile! I will try them out!


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