5,000 Days

Peter informed me on Monday night that Tuesday was not only our "monthaversary" (what we call the 17th of each month since we were married on the 17th), but it was also 5,000 days since the day we met. He apparently did something magic with Excel (a program I avoid at all costs) to figured that out. So I took his word for it, told him it was pretty cool and I couldn't believe I had known him for almost half of my life (this next year).

Last night when he came home from work I didn't bother leaving the office to welcome him home. Nope, I sure didn't. I was busy doing something on the computer and hollered in, "Hi!" instead of going in to greet him - and then he walked into the office holding these...

Let's just say I felt really bad for not meeting him at the door after he had worked hard all day. But I'm not beating myself up over it and he does like surprising me - which he totally did! Daisies are my all-time favorite flower - and as a bonus, they don't cost as much as roses. I'm a cheap date. :-)

I am always amazed that he decided to spend his life with me - all the more so since I really had nothing to do with finding him or causing him to chose me. My teenage-self could have stupidly turned him down and not changed my mind - but I'm oh so glad I came to my senses and married the man who has kept me laughing since I first met him 5,001 days ago. I told him last night that I wanted to celebrate 50,000 days with him - until he told me we would be something like 144 years old. Oh. I guess we'll celebrate in Heaven. ;-)   

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  1. Aww, how sweet! The daisies are lovely. We share a monthoversary ... our big wedding party marriage was on July 17th, 2002. We kinda have two wedding days...civil marriage was Dec 26th 2001. :)


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