Booking It Update: July/August

Update: Booking It fail - but only if you limit me to the books that started out on my Booking It list! I actually got three great books read in the last month and am working my way through a fourth (The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry) - but not one of them was on my Booking It list. My Booking It selection for this month was supposed to be Skating Shoes (which would be a quick read), but I just haven't gotten around to it as I have been too busy reading (and reviewing) My Life in France, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and (just reading - no review) The Miracle at Speedy Motors (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book #9).

For my review of My Life in France: READ ME!
For my review of Guernsey Literary: READ ME!

So to catch up to my schedule, I now need to finish (or start!):

1. A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (nope, still haven't been able to finish that one!)
2. Skating Shoes (haven't even started - now a month behind)
3. Becoming a Person of Influence (my August pick)

How about you? Anyone else behind in their Booking It reading? Or at least picked different books to read over their original choices? I'd still like to read the books I picked back in January, but I honestly enjoyed reading books that were real unexpected treasures (like Guernsey and My Life). For more updates and reviews, check out today's Booking It post over at Life as MOM. And if you're interested in joining a virtual book club, check out the posts that Charlotte has done over at The Daily Snapshot.


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  2. I guess I know myself too well - I didn't pick specific books and I didn't pick a specific number of books per week so that way when I get off on a tangent (like reading three Alex Cross novels in a row) it won't throw me outta whack and feel bad for deviating from my list!

    I think choosing to go off your list and reading some others was a good idea as I love both The Sharper the Knife AND Potato Peel Pie!

  3. I'm a lover of food books, too, and have enjoyed a couple of the books you mentioned. I've gotten hooked the last few years on culinary mysteries -- have you read any of those? Just read Fatally Flaky, I think it was, by Diane Mott Davidson. In her books, a caterer is the main character, and she sprinkles in recipes among the mysteries. They are good fun. Happy reading!

  4. OK, so I just could NOT get into the speedy motors book. It may have been that it was large print. But, still. What's up? Did I not give it enough of a chance?

  5. Jessica,

    I have heard that from a lot of people (that they couldn't get into the No. 1 series), so you're not alone. Spending quite a bit of time in Africa (including a period in Botswana living next to Smith's friends - the Moffetts), might have something to do with me liking them so much. I had been (briefly) in Africa before I first heard of the series, but there was always something about it I liked. I guess it's just not for everyone (though on the whole, I have found that my friends who have been to/live in Africa like them, and those who have not been there, don't understand what the hype is about). If you want to give McCall Smith another try, I would suggest his 44 Scotland Street series. LOVE it. Thanks for the comments!


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