Do You Wear A "Uniform"?

Exhibit A: At Fort Sumter National Monument

As I have been simplifying our lives and closets, I have come to the realization that even though I work at home, I still wear a uniform. Each day I get up and put on a pair of shorts and a solid color t-shirt. Sometimes I live it up a little and wear a t-shirt from a National Park we visited {gasp}.

Exhibit B: Shorts and a Zion NP t-shirt

After years of getting stuck in a capri-rut, this summer I finally found a brand/style of shorts at Kohl's that seemed to fit me. I purchased a pair in every color - olive green, gray, khaki, and two pairs of brown. I also picked up six Sonoma solid-color tee's which, along with the shorts, I've worn daily. One of the upsides of losing 23 lbs. is being able to find clothes that fit and feeling good about the way I look - a bonus is finding clothes I like!

Exhibit C: Wearing "uniform" while exploring the U.S.S. Yorktown

As a child, I refused to wear jeans after the age of eight because we couldn't find any without butterflies stitched on the pockets or with buttons rather than snaps. To this day I am not a fan of the snap. I was the kid who chose to wear khaki pants and brown loafers on the field trip. I was the second grader who was sporting the sweet turtleneck sweater with black and white houndstooth pants for my school picture.

Exhibit D: Turtleneck sweater with pants, complete with American girl doll and some really tired looking eyes???

I realize that I'm still stuck in a bit of a rut, only now I'm wearing shorts and t-shirts from Kohls instead of capris and t-shirts from Talbots. But you know what? I'm comfortable. I'm me. I wear jeans again (still no butterflies or snaps though), and you might even find me in a button-front plaid shirt from time to time - but overall I'm a solid-color, khaki-wearing, no frills sort of girl...and I'm okay with that.

Exhibit E: When I finally noticed that I wear the same thing every day

Do you find yourself stuck in a clothing rut?
What kind of "uniform" do you wear?


  1. Sister,

    My uniform is also shorts and a tee shirt. Being a mom, I need to be comfortable and I know I'll be dirty by the end (usually before!) of the day! I have a closet full of clothes and hardly wear them except for church and an occasional outing! That's where Goodwill shopping comes in and I don't feel so guilty I paid such cheap prices for so many items in my closet!

  2. I have a habit of finding a t-shirt or shorts that I like and then I buy every single color, well almost, that it comes in. This year, I found some shirts at target that I really liked and bought several colors and have worn them all summer, so I guess I do have a uniform. Oh well, it makes life easy in the morning.

  3. I suppose I do. Mainly jeans and a strappy tshirt I guess but its mainly for warmth. Summer comes and I might be wearing skirts/dresses/shorts when it gets really warm. I'm not a very frilly person but I am trying to vary it a little. I guess everyone finds what they feel most comfortable in and sticks with that.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is hysterical. It's like we are blog twins. I swear I didn't steal your look when I got dressed yesterday!!!


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