Old Spice - Swan Dive!

The person who came up with this ad should get a raise - not only does it make us laugh, be we can even tell you what product they are selling, so it works! Seriously...this ad never gets old. We saw it for the first time while on vacation this summer and I didn't think we were going to stop laughing. I tell Peter it's how I think of him - especially the cake-baking-in-the-gourmet-kitchen-he-built-with-his-own-hands part. ;-) For more laughs, watch "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ad - seriously...who came up with these? Too funny!


  1. I love the Old Spice commercials! My husband has used Old Spice for years, so he really is the man my man does smell like. :)

  2. that's hillarious!!! I think I'll have to get hubby to watch that one!!


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