Thankful For :: 101 - 110

Okay, so things are picking up. Here's the challange for all you lurkers out there (who have a blog)...last week I doubled the number of people who linked up from one to TWO! This week, I want to double that number again, from two to FOUR! We can do this - there is so much to be thankful for!

If you don't have a blog, I'll still count it if you will leave a comment with your list of things (it doesn't have to be 10) that you are thankful for or have appreciated this week. It can be the ordinary (a cup of coffee), the unusual (a free shopping spree at Target - hey, a girl can dream, right?), the wacky (socks warmed in the dryer), the amazing (God's Grace), or the simple (food). It really doesn't matter, just as long as you take time to realize just how blessed you are - even in the middle of whatever crud you might be going through. Count your blessings - does anyone know or remember that song?

"Count your blessings, name them one by one! Count your blessings see what God Has Done! Count your many blessings...name them one - by - one...Count Your Many Blessings See What GOD HAS DONE!"

101. Hot oatmeal on a rainy day

102. Pepto Bismol - no relation to the above

103. Electricity

104. Second jobs that pay for car repairs

105. Handmade quilts

106. A solidly built house when storms blow through

107. Friends who are excited with and for you when things are going well

108. Lazy Sunday afternoons

109. The right to VOTE - get out there on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd!!!

110. Seeing our book published - makes a great Christmas gift! {shameless plug}

Do not use without permission from authors, thanks!


  1. Do I count? I'm thankful for the freedom we still have, and my sweet wife!

  2. I'm thankful for money to put gas in my car, buy groceries and pay our bills!! I'm also thankful for our healthy children, cool and beautiful fall days and drinking hot chocolate by the campfire when we are camping!


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