On Assignment :: Week 2

The challenge this week over at beth stone studio was to tell the story of something embarrassing or awkward that happened to you (or someone you know who-shall-remain-nameless). In many ways it seems like my whole childhood was awkward. I know my choices of what-to-wear make me look back at pictures now and cringe that my mother let me out of the house at all. Oh, you want examples? Well, why not.

You might notice a rollerskating theme, and let me just tell you, I was rocking those pink slouch socks with my purple pants. Of course, the aqua socks with that purse outfit are rather smashing, not to mention the green wool skirt with the raspberry shirt and matching tights (tied nicely together with the blue roller skates). I'll say this, I have never given in to the pressures of fashion - I have always done my own thing. But still, none of these things are very embarrassing, so let me see what I can pull up from the memory bank...

There have been about a bazillion times when I have opened my mouth and placed my foot neatly inside, but I'd rather not re-live all of those moments here on the blog. Instead, I think I'm going to have to go with a fairly simple story that happened before Peter and I were married. We were at my parents house for Thanksgiving and my mother had invited another woman to join us - someone she met when the lady came to our house selling air purifiers. The woman was from some European country (I don't even remember where now), and when she walked in, Mom started introducing her to everyone, including Peter and his family. When the woman (who was probably my mom's age) met Peter, her hand fluttered to her chest (and I'm not kidding - it fluttered) and she said "Ooohhh!" It took me about 2.5 nano-seconds to reach Peter's side (from the other side of the room) and inform the woman that we were getting married (yeah, I tend to over-react). The woman kept her eyes on Peter's face and then said, "You will have beautiful children...with nice teeth!" I thought Peter's brother was going to fall over while I stood there with my mouth open and all Peter could say was, "Um, thank you."

Awkward first meeting? Check.

For the record, Peter does have really nice teeth, and the stinker never even had to wear braces! If we ever have kids, I really hope for their sakes that they get Peter's good teeth and good eyes and stay away from the Graham genes on both counts!


  1. I just love the old school pictures. It is amazing what we considered cool as awkward teenagers. I was the same way...I didn't develop my fashion sense until my 20s. Better late than never!

  2. The 80's weren't very good to any of us, Carrie, if that makes you feel any better. ;o) And Peter does have nice teeth! Ha! Funny story....

  3. Wow, you had the rollerboots I longed for! I don't look at my teenage photos at all. I can't without cringing.

    Had to laugh at the story about the European woman! How funny!


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