What I Wear :: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of What I Wear here on Busy Nothings...well, not what I wear here on Busy Nothings, but rather, here, on Busy Nothings, I'll be showing you what I am wearing. Clarification is always good, especially on a Monday morning when not enough coffee has been poured in the system. So...welcome! It's my first ever "fashion week" and I'm not even sure what I'm going to be able to share with you - but for some reason I'm still quite excited about it!

It's Monday morning and I'm starting out with my fall "uniform" to follow up on my summer "uniform" of choice (also seen in the button). I feel like I need to apologize ahead of time for the pictures - let's just say it was a short night and I am not quite awake yet! You should also know that the hubby and I are currently in the process of starting an electrical contracting business (ZIP Contracting, LLC), which means that at night I'm either sitting in a camp chair with a book in dusty situations OR pulling wires/stripping wires/attaching recepticals with Peter. Basically, I'm not dressing "nice" these days because I don't want to have to change before we leave when he gets home from his day job.

Okay, enough excuses...here's what I'm wearing today, for better or for worse.

Khaki pants: L.L.Bean (clearance!)
Brown long-sleeved t-shirt: L.L.Bean last year
Burnt orange zip-up Sonoma life + style: Kohl's
Do you work in a situation that causes you to get dirty? How do you balance doing your job while still liking what you're wearing? Personally, I like this outfit because I'm comfortable (and because I'm back in smaller pants again - sweet!), and because I love the colors of fall (burnt orange and brown - like what I'm wearing). I hope you'll join up with me this week and see if we can all learn to think outside the "what I normally wear" box.

Next week I'll be linking up to blog your Fall Fashion over at Emery's blog - I was just a week ahead in my idea (who knew?)...so I'll be including this button in each post in preparation for next week. Thanks for the heads up Charlotte and Molly! And speaking of Molly - she'll be answering a few questiongs and giving some of her fashion thoughts right here on Wednesday!


  1. Not exactly what I'm wearing today... but it's a linky all the same :)

    Love the Fall colors of your outfit! And my job definitely makes me sweaty - a different kind of dirty than electrical work - but dirty none the less.

  2. I always love some pumpkin orange, and am a firm believer that you can never have to much of it!

    P.S. The Sherlock Holmes style coat was from Topshop, but was ├╝ber expensive, hence I didn't buy it. Grrr.

  3. Man, you're starting up an electrical contracting business, along with everything else (including a children's book!) you've got on your plate? I'm impressed!

  4. I like practical fashion--my only splurge is the bracelets. It makes me feel "dressed up" to wear a few even when I'm just going to be washing dishes and potty training.

  5. I love the fit of those pants...sometimes it is hard to find a good pair. I love the color of the hoodie :)

  6. That hoodie is the perfect color for Fall fashion!

  7. Yay for clearances and fitting in smaller sizes again! Your colors are so perfectly fall-ish, it's awesome!


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