What I Wear :: Day 2

Good Tuesday morning to you! One day down, four days left until the week-end (which should tell you a bit about my Monday). But since hubby works a full-time day job while attempting to build up a reputation in his side-self-employed-electrical-contracting job, nights and Saturdays are still busy, busy, busy. Our days look something like this: Peter's home around 4:20, we eat a quick bite of dinner before heading back out the door and to the current project by 5:15 or thereabouts. Work for 3-4 hours doing magical things with wires and electricity before coming home, taking a shower and flopping on the bed. This new "working for yourself" stuff is putting a serious crimp in my October movie watching, but it's all worth it because I've never seen Peter enjoy his job so much. If I can help with that, then I'm happy (most of the time) to do so. Oh yes, I have my grumpy moments (just ask him), but hey, at least I'm a work in progress! 

But enough about us and our crazy lives! On to the important stuff, like showing you what I picked out to wear today. Again, remember that I spend my evenings in dusty environments, so I need to dress appropriately, which means I'm not wearing my favorite Talbot's camel-colored wool pants this week. However, it's also October, and since I've always been a sucker for holidays, I thought I would show you my "fun" side. I am that person with holiday pins, sweaters, socks and more. Yes, yes I am. But that's what I talked about on Friday - each person is different and unique and this is part of what makes me, me. Peter feeds this side of me too - I found the pin I'm wearing in my stocking last Christmas. He's too good to me.

Jeans: L.L.Bean (clearance!)
NOTE: When I find a style of pants I like, I tend to buy them in every color
Pumpkin turtleneck: Talbots (11 years ago)
Sweater: L.L.Bean (don't even remember how old it is)
Black shoes: Eastland from Shoe Carnival (I did not pay $84 for mine!)

What about you? Do you wear any holiday-themed clothes for the various holidays? I was thinking this morning that it was probably a good thing I didn't do this in December - all you would have seen is Christmas sweaters! Hahaha!


  1. I love that your obsession with pumpkins even carries over into your clothing!!

    Those jeans are a perfect cut. I want some too!

  2. i have never been a 'dress for the holidays' gal, but I just love and appreciate anyone who has FUN with fashion! Like you said, it looks different to everyone, and that is what makes it worthwhile!

  3. I love that orange color! So fun!

  4. Yay Halloween! Also, your poses are fabulous.

  5. Weelll, I am a pediatric nurse so I wear Halloween gear for work starting October1st and go totally decked out in winter gear starting around thanksgiving! You will see a bit of this in my post Friday :)

    BTW the orange sweater is beautiful!

  6. Awww! you're all ready for Halloween! So cute.

  7. How fun! I love how you're in the Halloween spirit!


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