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Welcome to Day 3 of What I Wear! Guess what?! I have my first ever guest post today - meaning, I have someone who is willing to talk on my blog besides me. That's pretty cool. I found Molly's blog (A Foreign Land) during a blog hop earlier this year (at least, I think that's how I found her - Molly, correct me if I'm wrong) and have been a faithful follower ever since. A few weeks ago she started her very own fashion blog (Leaving the House in THIS?!?) and she has been kind enough to answer a few questions for me and share some pictures of her favorite outfits. So...come along and Meet Molly (no relation to Pleasant Co.'s American Girl dolls from my childhood)!

Carrie: Molly, thanks so much for doing this! Can you tell me a little about yourself, where you come from, your blogs, the basics?

MOLLY: You know I looooove talking about myself, so this is a great way to start this conversation. For the past four years the handsome hubby and I have been living in Chattanooga, TN. We moved here from St. Louis the day after we got home from our honeymoon. In the craziness that was that transition, I started my blog - A Foreign Land. It was started as sort of an electronic whine fest journal. Over the years, the tone has changed a bit, but it's still a chronicle of our life living below the Mason-Dixon line. It has been a great way to communicate with friends and family back home and also to make a new set of friends online.

Carrie: What made you decide to start a fashion blog?

MOLLY: Well, just a few weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and to my surprise; I had become a total slob. My life as a full-time house wife and part-time fitness instructor meant that most of the time I was living in grungy clothes and I was less than showered. That look in the mirror was the birth of Leaving the House in THIS?!?. I see it as an electronic wardrobe accountaibility partner. I figure by posting what I'm wearing I'll actually pay attention and perhaps even comb my hair occasionally. I'm please to announce that it's working. My hope is that readers will visit Leaving the House in THIS?!? and realize that "style" doesn't have to break the bank, that fashion should be fun and that we don't have to take ourselves too seriously.

Carrie: Are there any traditional "rules" that you stick to when it comes to putting outfits together?

MOLLY: I'm super excited to be living in an era when all the "fashion rules" are being broken!! What in the winter - yep. Shoes not matching my belt or purse - yep. Now, some might say I would be better served to follow a few rules...but I just ignore those people. For me, it's more about if an outfit looks and feels good than if I'm following any rules.

Carrie: If you could only keep five items of clothing in your closet, what would they be and why?

MOLLY: This is tough...not because I'm super attached to a bunch of clothes, but because I'm not. I'd probably keep:

1. My Denim Jacket - it's totally broken in and a really versatile piece.
2. My Mini-Hippy Dress - I've worn this for YEARS, it's comfortable and it could tell all kinds of stories (because of this, I can't let it get into the wrong hands...it's got to stay in my closet).
3. My Black Biker Boots - I really would wear these EVERY day if I didn't worry people would laugh at me.
4. My FREE Old Navy Skinny Sweetheart Jeans - I'm pretty sure no closet is complete without a pair of jeans. Am I right?
5. This LBD - I have about 5 Little Black Dresses, but this one is currently my favorite because I just recently fit back into it. It creates a timeless silhouette and more importantly, it makes me feel pretty.

Carrie: Do you have any "go to" blogs or websites for outfit ideas?

MOLLY: My big three are Kendi Everyday, Clothed Much, and ...Love Maegan. Now, I read A LOT of fashion blogs, but I won't share them all for fear your readers might think I do little else than read blogs, and they would be kind of right.

Carrie: Okay, we've got to end on a funny note, so what was your most memorable (i.e. favorite) outfit from childhood? The one you thought was hot sweetness that you would now look back at pictures and groan?

MOLLY: I WISH I had a picture of this outfit. It devastates me that I don't. Unfortunately, the one that immediately came to mind is going to show my age. I had a splatter paint top and capris. It was white with neon splatters and had a cut out back. I wore it with two pairs of layered neon socks (hot pink and lime green) and typically rocked a side ponytail with my mall bangs. Oh, for a picture of that hot sweetness! I have no doubt I looked like a tool, but I felt TOTALLY AWESOME.

Well Molly, I don't have pictures of me in a similar outfit (though I did own a similar outfit), but I found plenty of other pictures of me in the style of the late 80's and early 90's clothes - including a plethora of neon brightness! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about fashion, clothing choices, and individual tastes! Make sure you check out both of Molly's great blogs and come back in a bit for my own outfit of the day!


  1. I especially like the pic of you on the blanket with the matching hat!!

    Thanks for the link love :)
    this was such fun!

  2. Over from Molly's blog! Thanks for featuring her; she's great! I love all her ensembles pictured here!

  3. Just stopping by from Molly's blog. Great interview.


  4. I adore Molly's blog. This is a great interview! Esp love love the last question! I think we all have tragic kid outfits :)


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