What I Wear :: Day 5

We've finally arrived at the last day - thank goodness! The enthusiasm I felt at the beginning of the week has certainly worn off when I actually had to think about what I was going to wear every morning and then take pictures of it and try to look like I was awake. Peter kept asking me if that was what I was going to wear for my "public" - makes one a little self-conscious. However, he made up for it by actually posting a comment one day and telling me he thought I always looked good {awww!}. So, does it matter if anyone else likes what I wear? Not really - my toughest critic and biggest fan thinks I look smashing. {happy dance}

Yesterday I got a comment from Tiffany that struck a chord with me:
I have to say I'm pretty good about not buying clothes -- but it's mostly because I hate all the stuff that is on the racks. I'm a classic kind of girl and I also just wear stuff until it falls apart. [...] I really need some new hip sweaters [...] but I find nothing. Maybe I'm just not trendy enough -- but I like my clothes to last more than 1/2 a season. You know what I mean!
Yes Tiffany, I do know what you mean! Up until this fall, I haven't purchased a lot of clothes - mostly because I would walk into a store and find nothing that I liked. I hated the fabrics, the styles, and the price tags! Every now and then I would find something that looked like me (like the turtleneck sweater I wore yesterday), but it was rare. I was starting to get desperate because all of my pants were falling off of me due to the weight loss (not a bad thing) and the ones I had that fit - well, I just hated the way I looked in them. So at the end of the summer I finally found some pants at L.L.Bean (the style I've been wearing all week in khaki, corduroy, and denim) and when they fit, I bought multiple pairs (bonus: they were on clearance!).

Back in the day, Talbot's was my "go to" store for classic clothing - but then they went trendy and I was left with what I already owned in my closet. I still wear the wool pants I bought there years ago (and that I'm wearing today), and this summer I got a hint of hope when I hit their sale and got 50% off the sale price! They seem to be headed back a bit towards the classic side - so here's hoping! I'm all over wearing and buying clothing items that don't go out of style. I don't know about you, but I don't want to buy a new wardrobe every year - and most of the time I don't like what I see anyway.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for - The Final Outfit. I think I should add that I won't be doing this again (and Peter agrees) because it's just not me. I just don't care about clothing or fashion that much. I mean, I want to look nice, but I'm all about the practical - staying warm and dressing for the job at hand - and not so much about what's currently "in". Peter says the lack of passion comes through in my writing, I know he's right...as usual. So, enjoy these last photos because, well, they are the last. And since I'm not doing it again, well, I just had to ham it up a little because that's who I really am!

Camel-colored Wool, Pleated, Cuffed Pants: Talbots (10 years ago)
Off-white Ribbed Turtleneck: Kohls (last year)
My FAV Cashmere Sweater: Kohls (last year...clearance...around $20!!)
Shoes: Bass (around 7 years ago)
Fall Leaves Scarf: ???
Gold Pinecone Necklace: Gift from my dad when I was 14 = very special


  1. These photos are UNDOUBTEDLY my most favoritests of the week!! Cheers to you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. I've enjoyed each day. :)

  2. Fair enough. The whole dressing for the camera thing can be pretty strange, and isn't for everyone. I've enjoyed your little foray though, and am a firm fan of this orange sweater!

  3. I like the fun photos at the botton and I think the sweater seems to be your color!

    Have a great week,
    Amy @ Missional Mama

  4. Love your photos. Looks like you were having fun! I love how honest you are!


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