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I am so pleased to be able to introduce Kendi to you, from Kendi Everyday. She was kind enough to take a few minutes for an interview earlier this week as well as allowing me to share some of her amazing photos taken by her super-talented hubby. I'm almost embarrassed to post my little button over there because my daily-wear is hardly up to the Kendi standard, but I keep going back to what I said a week ago - we're all different and that's a good thing. I love how Kendi incorporates styles from the past - more classic looks - with trends from today. It allows her to have her very own classic style, which works for her tall frame (and might look a little silly on my 5' 2.5" self). But enough from me...let's get on to the interview! 

Carrie: Thanks so much for doing this Kendi - you've made my week!

KENDI: Thanks so much for the interview, Carrie!

Carrie: Could you describe your style (i.e. classic, trendy, simple, tailored, etc.) and have you always dressed this way?

KENDI: I think I would describe it as a quirky take on classic style. If that makes any sense at all. I guess I've always had the same fashion sense but as I get older I have been able to wear different fashions that maybe didn't make sense when I was in high school or college. So now pencil skirts and cute trousers are a part of my every day wardrobe but I can keep my quirkiness that I've always had through eclectic tops or accessories or a certain pair of red heels.

Carrie: You always look so put together, but if you’re at home all day, do you still wear the same stuff? In other words, what do you wear to relax?

KENDI: If I work from home, I get up and get ready just as if I was going in to work so yes I do wear the same stuff! If it's on my blog, I've worn it that day. But to relax? a t-shirt and running shorts or sweatshirt over a maxi dress. Anything that doesn't require ironing or makeup and a shower :)

Carrie: If you could have five pieces of clothing in your closet, what would they be?

KENDI: A dark denim pair of skinny jeans, a blazer, tall boots, a pencil skirt and a button down top. Oh the outfits I could make with just those items!

{Photo Credit} - I love the straps on those boots!

Carrie: Do you have a “go to” outfit for special occasions or do you always mix it up?

KENDI: I always mix it up! I have one dress that I tend to wear to weddings a lot though -- it's a navy J.Crew shift dress. It's so easy to play up for a nicer wedding or play down for a smaller wedding. Other than that I tend to go with black if it's a special occasion. I am so cliche, sigh.

Carrie: Small town Texas – so where do you shop?

KENDI: Ha! That is a good question -- one I've been asking myself for two years. Besides the thrift stores in town, I don't shop where I live. Which is nice on one hand, I can't go out and spend money unintentionally because I'm bored or because I've had a bad day. But on the other, it becomes a pain when I need something fast. We live about an hour away from a metro area, so we drive in from time to time to shop. I miss living across the street from the mall, but I'm sure my husband doesn't!


  1. Great Interview, Carrie! Kendi (and her fabulous blog) are total inspirations to me. She's completely relateable without sacrificing the chic factor ;)

    Loved reading about her.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. What a fun post! She is a styling girl!


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