On Assignment :: Week 3

This week Beth told us to share a funny family video. As we don't take funny family videos (or videos of any kind), I'm going to have to fall back on her second option - videos off of YouTube. I thought of two that I wanted to share - one shows my political leanings, so you have been warned. The other is just one that makes me laugh because who doesn't laugh over...

"Who's on second?"
"Who is on first."
"I don't know!"

Make sure you check out the other links over at beth stone studio and join up on Mondays - it sure is nice not to have to think too hard about what to post after the week-end!


  1. I've always loved Who's On First.... good stuff. The Bob Hope one is quite funny too.

    Yep, a poem - don't get intimidated. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

    I'd prefer if you'd wait to post until Wed. since that will direct more people back to the link up, but it's your blog. :o) Thanks for participating.

  2. Thanks, Carrie! I needed Who's on First today...all three times I've watched it. :)

  3. That Bob Hope video was very funny. And during a week when I feel like I'm one of the only one of our kind out here. I swear all the expats in Germany are just wildly liberal -- guess that's why they're so happy here. Ok, putting the soapbox away. No need to get crazy :)

    Who's on First is definitely a classic! Thanks for sharing.

    And by the way, we don't have any old home movies either. My dad always pulled out the slides :)


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