Five...Thank You Notes

Golden Rings if you're singing the festive "12 Days of Christmas" song, but in this case, it's how many days are left until Christmas. All this week I'm going to be sharing some last minute gift ideas that you can do easily - and fairly frugally - without paying for shipping. If you've waited this long to shop, you're not going to want to pay the insane cost of getting the items shipped in time for Christmas. So with that said, here is #5...

The "Practical" Gift
Thank You Cards: $1 - 10 (Dollar Tree, Target, or Hallmark - you decide)
Book of Stamps: $8.40 (available at the post office and grocery store) 

When I was growing up, my parents always made sure I wrote thank you notes after receiving a gift. I know some people still write them, so why not give them a box of thank you notes at the ready with a book of stamps? As a side note: I usually throw in a box of thank you cards when I do wedding or baby gifts as well - it pays to keep your eyes open for those clearanced boxes at Hallmark or Target.

If you buy a box of cards for $1 at Dollar Tree, then this gift could cost you less than $10 - not too shabby! Make sure you come back tomorrow for an adorable and easy homemade gift idea with four days left to go before Christmas.


  1. Really cute idea! The cards in your picture are adorable!

  2. Good idea!Mama taught you well! Love ya!


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