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I've talked about Ebates before, but if you've haven't signed up yet, TODAY is THE day to do it! They are offering FREE SHIPPING to over 200 stores (today ONLY - 12/17/10), which could really come in handy if you are still Christmas shopping! You may be out of luck with some stores getting your items to you before Christmas, but then again...maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Whatever the case, who cares if you don't get it before Christmas if you don't pay for shipping? The recipient will like it just as much if they get it a couple of days after Christmas. Or save it and give it to them on January 1st - tell them it's a New Years gift and you're starting a new tradition.

If you're a nutcase like me, you may want to think ahead and take advantage of the free shipping for future birthday gifts - or possibly even for next Christmas. Yes, I just said that. No, my house isn't stuffed to the gills, and yes, I do find space to store stuff, but no, I'm not insane. I prefer to think of it as being prepared. Like a good boy girl scout.

So, if you are:

1. Interested in shopping online
2. If you like to get money back from your purchases ($203.08 for me in '10)
3. If you like easy access to coupons and discount codes
4. And if you want an added bonus of FREE SHIPPING today
...then I suggest clicking on the link below and getting started!

Disclosure: Ebates is an associate link, but I recommend it - whether you use my link, a different link, or look it up yourself!

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  1. First - I'm so behind on blog reading. I feel completely disconnected from my friends in the bloggy community. HI!! I'm still here :)
    Second - Love the icicle background picture!!
    Third - I am amazed at how together you are... shopping for bdays and NEXT Christmas? Now THAT's Impressive!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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