The Great Christmas Tree Excursion

Every year we drive just across the state line into North Carolina and choose our own Christmas tree to be cut down. A few years ago we started dragging my parents along and now it has become a yearly tradition to go on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when everyone else and their grandma are out fighting the crowds for a deal. No thanks! Here are some pictures from the Great Christmas Tree Excursion of 2010. Enjoy!

A moment of silence for the tree...

...and then marked as ours!

Standing in front of our tree

There was a little dead tree on the way down the hill and Peter knelt down next to it and told me to take a picture so we could tell everyone that THIS was the tree we picked!

The tree farm also had free little Charlie Brown trees - we took one for us and one for my folks. Our tree went into the house next door that we're redoing.

I'm a Christmas tree hugger from way back...

After spending over three hours changing out light bulbs and testing every single string, Peter sadly lost his mind...

...I think the final result was worth the effort though (and since Peter regained his sanity, it's all good).


  1. I think this blog is about me. Does that make me "so vain"?
    Love you hun!

  2. I love picking REAL Christmas trees! Its the best.

  3. Beautiful tree! I love the finished result!

  4. Yay for Christmas trees! We're going to put ours up late so maybe we'll leave it up until Valentines day to make up for the days we've missed on this end.
    Hope you're enjoying every minute!!

  5. The little Charlie Brown trees are cute! Glad you took them to a good home. :)


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