Thankful For :: 151 - 160

I hope you're fully recovered from the holiday week. This is the week to wear your "roomier" pants after allowing your eyes to be bigger than your stomach {ah hem...}. I hope you were able to spend last week and the week-end with friends and family, do a little shopping perhaps, and most certainly, count your blessings!

151. Turkey leftovers

152. The Pilgrims

153. Abraham Lincoln - for setting a day aside to give Thanks

154. The smell of pine trees

155. Free cups of hot cider

156. Christmas lights

157. Snow

158. The ringing of jingle bells

159. It's silly, but it makes me smile: normally our GPS shows a white SUV (like our Honda) on the map when we're driving, but at Christmas we switch to the white SUV with a CHRISTMAS TREE tied to the top! It's the little things in life.

160. Decorated Christmas trees


  1. Your tree looks lovely...we'll probably be getting ours this weekend. Still wish we had a cut and haul lot around here...

    We have definitely been thankful for all the leftovers this week! Made a pot of turkey soup too plus cajun turkey pasta last night. Still got plenty of bones for another pot of turkey soup soon plus the portions I froze. Oh yeah, it was turkey mania here.

  2. I did not know that about Abe Lincoln. So cool! We checked an Abe Lincoln exhibit while we were at the Smithsonian... and I am just liking that guy more and more the more I learn about him. AND NOW THANKSGIVING TOO???
    He's the tops in my book.


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