One...Party with a Pear Tree

I know, can I get any cornier?? Probably. We've reached D-Day. Last day to shop before Christmas. You've either bought it or you're not going to do it. What options do you have left (other than the ever-popular-in-our-house cash and/or gift cards)?

I'm all about giving items that the recipient can use and then it's gone. Something practical...like fruit. No, I'm not kidding. Have you looked at the fruit section of your grocery story lately? There are pomegranates (at Kroger last week, they were 3/$5), oranges, grapefruit, and sweet and yummy clementines. Perhaps you were suckered into buying took advantage of the high school band fruit sales this fall and now you have a box of fruit going bad - this would be a great time to use them/give them away!

Don't want to give away fruit? We would never say no to a summer sausage and some cheese - add a bunch of grapes, a jar of special dijon mustard, a box of crackers and you're all set! Don't want to spend big $$ on Pepperidge Farms? I don't blame you. However, you can find summer sausage, mustard and crackers at Dollar Tree (check the dates) for $1/each. You can get a package of sharp chedder cheese for $2, and a bunch of grapes could be as little as $1.50 - $3 at your local grocery store. It's a perfect gift to bring over on Christmas - a nice little snack before the main meal.  

Bottom Line: The grocery store is your friend when you're down the wire.

Merry Christmas Eve!!

P.S. As my earlier Thankfulness Post suggests, I'm taking a blogging break between now and New Years (exception: I'll have a special Friday Thankfulness post on the 31st). I plan to spend time with family, do a little after-Christmas sales shopping, watch some movies with my sister, and generally forget that the South Beach diet ever existed...until January 2nd. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday time with your loved ones - see you next year!


  1. We actually found pomegranates at Agro here in Wamena... but at $8 each, I was not willing to make the splurge!!!

  2. What a great idea! Happy Christmas to you both, I've loved meeting you this year Carrie! Loving your new backdrop to the blog, how beautiful!!


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