Thankful For :: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Eve! There is so much to be thankful for, but I wanted to focus on the things of Christmas - the important and not-so-important stuff - for today's edition. I'm going to be taking a few days off from the blog because we have family in town and, what do you know, there is real life to be lived! May you have a joyous time with your friends and family and may you take time to count your blessings and remember the Reason for this Season!

181. Jesus, humbling Himself to become man - to ultimately pay for my sins

182. God's Word - which tells the Story of Christmas

183. Mary and Joseph's willingness to follow God - even when it was hard

184. December snows

185. Starbuck's Christmas Blend Whole Bean Coffee

186. Gingerbread (yes, Beth, I AM thinking of the stuff you make!)

187. Advent boxes

188. Wearing those festive (read: tacky) Christmas sweaters & socks!

189. Houses that smell like pine

190. Simple reminders of why we are celebrating (i.e. Nativity sets)

This set is made out of coconut and we purchased it when we were living in Papua, Indonesia. The three wise men are bringing traditional Papuan gifts to baby Jesus - mallet/ax, drum, and bow and arrow.

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Carrie! Enjoy the holiday and your South Beach free week!! :)

    (love that nativity scene)

    A Foreign Land

  2. Mary and Joseph's willingness to follow God - even when it was hard

    Love that . . . so true, and something that keeps teaching us!

    thank you for sharing!


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