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 Stockings have always been a part of my life - from the December of my birth on. I love finding fun little items to stuff in the toe and sometimes I have even been known to put the smaller (but more expensive) gifts in there, just to throw Peter off. Stocking stuffers don't have to be expensive to be fun though - as proven by our Christmas's spent overseas. I remember getting excited over finding packs of "American" gum to put in Peter's stocking when we were living in Indonesia. Once again, we learn that it's the little things in life that really cause one to {happy dance}. 

I've come up with a list of stocking stuffer ideas, but I had to divide them into "The Dollar Section", "I {heart} Target", and "Dear Williams-Sonoma..." sections. Based on your budget, take your pick! I've also included some kid-friendly ideas (even though we don't have any - but I remember what I liked getting as a kid, so I still think I'm qualified to give suggestions!). I have some links to examples, but I'm not suggesting you buy these as I know you can get it cheaper elsewhere - just keep that in mind!

The Dollar Section
 Bubble Gum and/or favorite candy
Coloring books/colors/stickers
Fun glass/cup/mug (like a Coke glass - DollarTree!)
Batteries (especially good if there is a gift that requires batteries)
Puzzle/card game
Bubble bath and bath scrunchie
Cheesy CD or DVD (DollarTree sometimes has 2/$1!)
Unhealthy snacks - just because it's Christmas!
Single serving hot chocolate packets - like ONE OF THESE
Christmas socks - yes, they sell them for $1!
New toothbrush (yes, I have found one in my stocking before)
Bubble gum flavored toothpaste (DollarTree!)
Hershey's Chocolate Milk (individual box)

I {heart} Target
Fruit - think exotic, like pomogranet or kiwi
Starbuck's Frappuccino (Mocha or Latte - even low-cal!)
Lindt Lindor Truffles - like THESE or THESE
Jar of gourmet hot chocolate mix - like THIS
A fun Christmas pin - THIS or THIS would be cute
A new Christmas CD - I have THIS one
Good smelling lotion from Bath & Body Works - travel size
Cute earings, bracelet or necklace
Winter scarf - like THIS or THIS or even THIS (go Red Sox!)
Used books, DVD's, CD's (I have been pleased to receive all!)
A Christmas ornament for the year - something memorable

Note: Peter has stuffed my stocking since this picture was taken. {grin} My mom made these for us as a wedding gift, the Christmas before we were married - in fact, she did the same for all of my married siblings and then the grandkids as well. She already has fabric if we ever add any grandkiddos to the mix!

Dear Williams-Sonoma...
Adorable pie crust cutters - seriously cute
Pineapple tool - really? I love THIS!
A peach pitter - yes, they exist (I wonder if this works?)
Citrus Zester - I've wanted one "just forever"
Strawberry and Banana Slicers - does this really save time??
Rasp Grater - something else I've got my eye on
Salt and Pepper mills - "Second mortgage for $90 please, Alex..."
Flexible Nylon Spatulas - I have THESE and I *love* them!
Silicone-Tipped Waffle Tongs - {psst...Peter, are THESE a gimmick?}

Peter's going to love me for putting this one on the blog! We had been in Botswana less than 24-hours when this picture was taken...see the jetlag???

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  1. I'm going with large scale gimmick on the waffle tongs. I'm betting they used a fork first to lift the waffle for the picture! Also, what's wrong with the picture? Don't I look faboulous? :-)

  2. I must confess that in my attempt to keep Santa out and Christ as the center of our Christmas celebration, I have shunned stockings in the past. However, this year I relented and realized that we can enjoy stuffing stockings and still keep Jesus at the forefront. Thanks for all the good ideas. :)

  3. Can you please tell me why I've never thought of the $1 store for stocking stuffers before? Duh!
    Thanks so much!!!! You saved me an arm and a leg and made the hubby's stocking MUCH more entertaining this year.

  4. Yep! See the jetlag! Been there, done that and DID NOT LIKE IT A BIT!!! Cute stockings and good ideas. I've always used Dollar stores for stockings and other gifts. Where would we be without them? I also shop consignment and thrift stores. Have found really good deals thee on quality merchandise (as you know!)
    Love ya!


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