Thankful For :: 171 - 180

You might have noticed there are no more link-ups as of last week. I've said in the past that if you ever meet me in person, I don't want you to walk away saying, "she was nothing like that on her blog" - I want this blog to show you who I really am. X-ray Moment: Carrie struggles with pride. A couple of weeks ago I realized that after I started adding the link-up feature, I got a little too caught up in seeing how many people joined (or didn't join-up, as the case may be) and I started to lose the focus of why I started counting my blessings in the first place. It's not about me.  It's not about who or how many read the blog. It's not about how many "hits" or "link-ups" I get on a post. Or it shouldn't be. Being thankful for all of my blessings and taking time to recognize the bounty that the Lord has blessed me with is a truly wonderful thing.

So I'm back to simply making lists on Friday. I hope you continue to do so - even if you don't link them up anywhere. The important thing is to take time to recognize God's blessings - Life, Health, Love, Family, Food, Jesus Coming to Earth as a Baby, Salvation...and more. And yes, we can even give thanks for the fluffy things, like Target clearance stickers, fuzzy socks, and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! 

171. Listening to Handal's "Messiah" sung in malls and food courts

172. Lindt truffles (no, they aren't South Beach approved!)

173. The convicting and leading of the Holy Spirit

174. "The Muppet Christmas Carol" - yes, that just came after #173!

175. Celebrating "month-a-versaries" with Peter

176. Hot bread (straight from the oven/bread machine) with butter

177. Eggnog topped with nutmeg


179. Grace

180. Dreams of a fireplace of our own - until then, enjoying my parent's fireplace!

Count Your Blessings!!

holy experience


  1. Wishing I had a fire place right now myself. (Live in Germany, bad snow storms, no central heating or fire places)
    But what I am thankful for is: A healthy and safe husband in Afgan., 3 healthy happy boys, My job, my gift of photography and wonderful friends.

    P.S Liked your first statment about loosing site. Hits home for so many of us.


  2. I think today is the day for me to make our first batch of holiday eggnog, with fresh eggnog on top! :-)

  3. Taking time to be thankful for the fluffy things IS so important! I love that you have the perspective to realize God's gifts in the big stuff and the {seemingly} little.

    Merry Merry!!!


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