Thankful For :: 251 - 260

Tired. That's how I feel this week. On Monday night I was in bed - asleep - by 8:30. When the alarm went off at 5:40, I hit the snooze button. Twice. I'm not sure why it is, but I feel compelled to try to stay up until 10 every night because going to bed earlier seems wrong. What if someone called at 8:45 - wouldn't they think I was a slug? But on Monday night, when the words started swimming around on the page of the book I was trying to read, one thought clearly came to my head, "You're being dumb". Let me tell you, nothing felt better than rolling over, setting my book down, and turning out the light. The next morning, Peter asked, "So how did those 9.5 hours of sleep feel?" Absolutely, totally, wonderfully awesome...that's how they felt. Why am I telling you all this? It might explain my top thankfulness item of the week.

251. Nine and a half hours of sleep when I was bone tired  

252. Loaded omelets

253. (Re) Learning the value of a dollar

254. Grumpy customers - they remind me to be nice to people

255. Hand Sanitizer (especially in flu season)

256. Dessert flavored gum (I like the Key Lime Pie flavor)

257. Going to a Super Bowl party...for the food

258. Days off

259. Taking Communion

260. Unloading Selling a car without being out anything

This was our $300 car - we called it "The Tick" - which was a maintenance pig. Hooray for Craigslist! 


  1. Man, my kids are barely asleep by 8:30! Good for you! I think that if I went to bed that early, I'd wake up around midnight and not fall asleep for hours. 10:00 is usually about it for me, to at least be in the bed. Then we usually read or watch tv for a little bit.

    Hang in there! Things will get easier as you adjust to your new learning curve!

  2. "The Tick" ~ That's a brilliant nickname.
    So glad you were able to get some sleep when you needed it.
    Hope you can rest this weekend too!

  3. LOVE the car name!
    So happy you got the rest you needed.
    Right now I am having troubles with that. (3children+50hourworkweeks+deployment) Hopefully I can be thankful for rest soon too. =)


  4. Sometimes a long night of sleep is necessary (especially when you've had a hard week of working with the public!). I always feel SO much better when I get caught up on my rest. I'm glad you were able to let yourself recharge :)

    And I LOVE Key Lime dessert gum. I think I may be addicted. I've been popping a stick in my mouth after almost every meal. I have been going through it really, really quickly. I'm about to finish my CVS coupon-obtained stash... I think I'm going to have to slow down with the gum chewing. But it tastes so GOOD!

  5. i WISH i could sleep like that. i'm such an insomniac. it takes me forever to fall asleep even if I'm tired. Cherish it girl! :)



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