Thankful For :: 271 - 280

Today is a big day in our family - my mom is celebrating her 70th birthday. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around her being 70 (my dad will follow in July) because not only does she not act like she's entering her 8th decade, she doesn't remotely look it! People regularly assume I'm in high school - or worse - that I'm Peter's daughter. Yes, it has happened. And while I can get annoyed when people assume that I'm in my teens (I'll be turning 30 this year), I know that when I'm 70 and I don't look it, I'm going to appreciate these great genes that both of my folks passed down to their kids. So today my thankfulness list is all about my mom. I don't think she's ever read the blog (she avoids the Internet - and even the computer itself - if at all possible), but I want to honor her here anyway. I'm thankful for...

271. Mom's laughter and sense of humor

272. Mom's work-worn hands - always busy doing something

273. Her prayers and concern for her kids

274. Her willingness to help...paint, feed, sew, drive me around when we only had one car, etc.

275. Her mad skills using flannel graph to teach (and her passion for) God's Word

276. The time she spent making quilts for all five of her kids

277. That she knew from the first that she wanted Peter for a son-in-law - it's fun to watch them interact

278. Her faithfulness as a wife and mom over the last 50+ years

279. Her sacrificial choice to home school me when homeschooling was still "new"

280. That even though she's my mom, as I have moved into adulthood she has also become one of my best friends



  1. Wow! I can't believe your mom is turning 70. That doesn't seem possible. I love all the things you are thankful for about her. I think the pictures of her teaching are great. That is actually exactly how I remember her from childhood. I just remember her having such a passion and talent for sharing Christ!

  2. Yes, it is hard to believe she's turning 70! Flannelgraph - good memories. :o) And great picture of you two!

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Graham!

  3. I MIGHT have gotten all teary-eyed reading that (but I'm not admitting anything)...and I don't even know your mom! Happy Birthday, Carrie's mom!

    And hey! MY mom picked MY husband for me, too! :)

  4. I love this... mom's are the best and we can never appreciate them too much. : )

    People always think I'm way younger than I am too...

  5. I can totally see the resemblance between yo uand your mom. You are indeed her daughter! And YAY for genes that allow you to visually cheat the aging the process.


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