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Time for a little Project House update! Peter laughs at me because I'm getting a bit ahead of myself in stocking up for the decorating of the house when at the current moment the house looks like this...


That's right - we're working on going wall-less. Sort of. Let me explain what you're looking at and maybe it will make more sense. I'm standing in the kitchen - where there used to be a wall between it and the dining room. The wall is mostly gone now and I'm looking into what was the dining room. Beyond that is the wall that was between the living room and dining room, but it will be totally gone when we're done so that we have one big open space. To the left of the front door you see another stud wall which actually leads into the front bedroom. All the lath and plaster are coming off so that Peter can re-wire the house and we can put insulation in the walls before going back with Sheetrock. Okay, so does all of that make sense? Here's another photo from a different perspective...


This time I'm standing in the living room and I'm looking at the front bedroom (far right) and the white you see is the hallway, then ahead of me is the dining room with another hallway door and then what's left of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. In the center you can see through to what was originally the stairwell to the basement and later became a pantry/laundry closet. That's being ripped out as well. What's that you say? Yes, we're basically gutting the whole house. Insane? Mmm...maybe. But at least we have fun with it!

In other news, I wanted to give you a hint of the colors that I've chosen for the second bedroom (you can sort of see the doorway to that room in the photo above). It all started with a pillow and grew from there. That's how ideas normally start with me - I find one item (sometimes it's a paint color, a photo, or a quilt or pillow) and then build a room around it. I already knew I was going with grey in the front and master bedrooms (mostly because I got a smashing deal on grey sheets for both rooms and a comforter set for the master), so I wanted to do something different in the middle bedroom. It's the smallest of the three, which means there isn't a lot of room for big furniture or a lot of extra accessories. However, when I found this pillow at Kohl's (on clearance), I knew what colors I was going to have to work with and the hunt was on for more goodies...stay tuned!



  1. Can't wait to see the grey rooms... I'm all about grey rooms at the moment!!

  2. Look forward to seeing the finished product(s)...love the colors in the pillow - yay SALE!! Lisa


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