Thankful For :: 281 - 290

This week I am OH. SO. THANKFUL. for...


282. A loving and encouraging husband who went above and beyond this week

283. Hour-long lunch breaks

284. Chili made from ground beef (instead of ground turkey - long story)

285. A new haircut (thanks to the hubby - yes, he actually cuts it!)

286. Strawberry Twizzlers

287. Finding a new place to eat with yummy, yummy food

288. Lens Crafters 100% Happiness Guarantee

289. Lovely people who leave nice comments on my blog and make my week much nicer - thank you!

290. That I have a Heavenly Father who cares more for me than I can fathom

(And that this bird didn't fly off while I crept closer and closer to get some pictures!)

1 comment:

  1. I love this picture of the bird and the verse which goes with it! TFS! Janine :)


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