Thankful For :: 301 - 310

I had a whole post written out, but at the last minute I decided to nix it and simply go with my list of ten items. I would like to sum up what I had written though - pray for those who are hurting. Not just the top news stories, but the neighbors and friends and the strangers in the grocery store who may be fighting battles you will never know about. My prayer this week has been that God would use me to show His love and grace to someone who needs to see Jesus. May we always point people to the only One who can truly help.

301. God's consistancy to work in my heart and life

302. The pain which comes with personal growth - far better than standing still

303. Hints of spring

304. Cough drops that don't make me gag

305. Trying new things

306. Rain

307. Doing a task at work correctly - without help

308. Finding reasons to do the {happy dance}

309. St. Patrick's Day dishes (i.e. plates, glasses, mugs, etc.)

310. Picarones - Peruvian doughnuts


  1. 302 was a pretty timely reminder for me.

    And I think 308 is something that I like to always try to do :)

    By the way, those doughnuts looks delicious! Did you make them?

  2. I agree with Erika. 302 stood out to me today (and probably tomorrow... and the next day...) You get the point.

    Happy Friday, friend!!

  3. oooh! i don't think those donuts are South Beach certified!

  4. Love your list. Except the doughnuts - all that fried fat is making my orange peel thighs cringe!

  5. All very wonderful things to be thankful for!!!


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