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PhotobucketI feel like I should have a virtual sign for You Capture that says, "Under Construction - Please Check Back Later" so you don't stop coming at all. Remember how last week I said the work week had been so crazy that it left me without any creativity? Remember how I said that I really liked the theory behind last weeks theme but I came up blank with ideas? Well, let's just say that last week looks great compared to this week and my submissions are just sad. And yet, somehow, I just can't let it go. It's like I'm afraid that if I skip a week of You Capture I'm going to give up altogether and I really don't want to do that. I still have hope that one of these days I'm going to get it all together again, finally figure out what the heck it is that I'm supposed to be doing at my job and finally have a few minutes of stress-free time to take photos for fun. So please hang in there with me and PLEASE make sure you check out the other examples of "Technology" this week for You Capture over @I Should Be Folding Laundry.

Once we get home from our respective jobs and dinner has been eaten, this is usually the sight that would greet you in our bedroom - two computers, two people, spending the evening dealing with various things online. Tonight, for example, I was working on blog stuff, Peter was ordering lightbulbs, and we were streaming a podcast. After a hard day at work, relaxing sometimes involves silence, sometimes it involves a book, it always involves the hubby, and usually it involves some time using one of these machines.  In the top photo you see the reflection of a bedside lamp - another bit of "technology" that I am thankful for!


  1. We pull the "dueling laptops" competition at our house also...but we surf from the couch. There are too many things to list that we work on every night, but they all involve getting us away from Da Man and working completely for ourselves :)

    I went with a laptop shot too. I think that just might end up being the most taken shot this week :)

  2. Hang in there.... you'll get into the new swing of things eventually. :o) I'm impressed you're finding time to blog at all right now - that was one of the last things on my mind last year when I started my job.

  3. Some of my favorite nights are the ones where my husband and I sit on the couch with our laptops. We don't have to say anything, and it's so comforting and relaxing.

  4. I love the reflection in the first photo. You'll often find us at our computers after work too. Sometimes it's just difficult to break away!

  5. That's me and my husband too - but from the couch. Your perspective on the photos is interesting. Hope work stuff gets better soon!

  6. great captures, I took a pic of my lap top too don't know what I would do w/ it


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