Thankful For :: 371 - 380

I said to the LORD, "You are my Master! All the good things I have are from You."
~~ Psalm 16:2 ~~

You know, that David was one smart cookie. I love reading through the Psalms on a daily basis because there is always something pertinent to a part of my life - whether it's dealing with anger, humility, thankfulness, work, attitude, generosity, gratitude, or simply recognizing that God is SO BIG and I am so small. When we first decided to get married, Peter counted down to the wedding date and figured out that we could read through Psalms three times before our wedding day - two times reading up 1 to 150, and the last time counting down to the wedding, 150 to 1. At our wedding, we thought it was only appropriate for our pastor to read Psalm 1 - a fitting end to the 450 days of waiting (if you're new to the blog and want to read more about our story, you can check out all the "episodes" HERE). Needless to say, Psalms holds a special place in our hearts for multiple reasons. As always, there is so much to be thankful for this week. I hope you take some time to count your blessings today and in the days to come. Thanks for stopping by!

371. Friday OFF! {happy dance}

372. Lightbulbs slowly turning on in my brain (re: work)

373. A freakish cool-snap (causes me to be thankful for the warmer weather)

374. The gift of plants for the garden

375. Side jobs

376. Our bathroom heater - sometimes it's the only way I can get warm (but summer's coming!)

377. Clearance Cadbury Eggs

378. A spur-of-the-moment-early-morning-before-work date to Chick-fil-A

379. Beautiful roses all over our yard

380. My Mama

Mom and Carrie     Mom and Carrie
I went all over the place on Mom's back and shoulders. In fact, she's still around for me when I need encouragement or support (or a lift to the store!) and I'm so thankful I can call her my Mama...and yes, that's me.

Happy Mother's Day
to all you Moms out there (including my own mama and Peter's mom)! 


  1. Enjoy your Friday off! I love that you and Peter read through Psalm together three times before your wedding. What a neat thing to do. Oh. And I am a smidge jealous about those clearance Cadbury eggs. Those are SO good (especially when they are inexpensive!).

  2. Impromptu dates are my favorite kind... but throw in a chicken biscuit and I'm a girl in heaven!!!
    Happy weekend to you, lady loo.


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