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PhotobucketI love fall - mostly because of the crisp days, the autumn colors and - of course - the pumpkins! However, this time of year is a close second because of the warm (but not hot) days and cool (but not cold) nights. It's the perfect weather for sitting outside with a book or throwing open all the doors and windows and enjoying the smells and sounds of spring. {achoo!} It's during this time that I begin to think about a garden - this would be year three for me. The first year we went all out - it was a beautiful, smashing success and we're still eating the fruits of that first summer that have been stored so nicely in our freezer. Then last summer - not so much thanks to squash bugs and cucumber beetles. {grrr...} This year we decided to simplify - large plastic pots on the deck with some tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. When I think of outside, this is what I picture, so welcome to my take on Outside for You Capture over @I Should Be Folding Laundry. Make sure you check out what others are sharing over there today and then get outside yourself and enjoy the weather (even if you're on the flip side and heading into fall)!

Lettuce - just popping up

Garden 2011
Sage - love how this comes back year after year

Garden 2011
Waiting for these tomato plants to take off - nothing better than a slice of a tomato grown in your own yard


  1. It's very exciting to see the little plants sprouting up each spring! Love your photos!

  2. Very nice! I love little seedlings.

  3. Love the lettuce shot. The texture on that leaf is amazing.

  4. beautiful sage! we have thyme that keeps coming back and growing like a weed - always makes me feel like a successful gardener :)

  5. Homegrown tomatoes taste infinitely better than store-bought ones. And now I want one! =>

  6. really nice!
    I had planned on a garden and never started it. Maybe next year.


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