The Fireworks of My Mind...

You're probably wondering what in the world I mean by that title, so please allow me to explain. Sometimes I feel like I have fireworks going off inside my head - lots of little thoughts and ideas that don't fit together, but continually pop up. The only place to set them off is, of course, my blog. My little world of busy nothings that allows me to clear out the ol' noggin every now and then and share it with those who decide they want to come along for the ride. All aboard!


On Friday morning I walked into Target to pick up some paper towels and, of course, I had to do a tiny bit of browsing while I was there. I was stunned by a couple of things:

1) Summer items are on clearance and they're starting their "Back to School" sales - {gasp!} But considering that I just heard a teacher the other day say that their first day back is August 1st, I guess there's less than a month to shop for pencils and notebooks. Hurry up people, you're already behind the 8 ball!

2) Did you know that you can pay $18.99 for a toilet brush? Something that you stick in the toilet bowl to clean...well, you know what you clean...and pay almost $20 for it? TWENTY DOLLARS, people!! I went with the $2.99 version and patted myself on the back all the way home. Until my $2.99 brush bowed and flexed and the bristles were squished almost as soon as I started scrubbing and I realized I should have caughed up another couple of bucks and splurged on the $4.99 edition. Lesson Learned: Sometimes things are $2.99 for a reason (but I still refuse to pay $20 for a toilet brush).

In other randomness, we finally got around to watching the "new" Star Trek movie. Yes, we're a bit slow on things like movie watching, but we get there eventually. I'm no Trekkie, but I enjoyed this film. It's easier for me to suspend reality when it involves people doing stuff in space a long time from now, than to accept that aliens are going to come down and fight cowboys - with one cowboy that is evidently part alien? Whatever - that's a movie I'll be skipping. Sorry Harrison.


And did I mention that it was a three-day-week-end and oh-how-we-needed-that?! Our schedule looked something like this: Sleep-in, drink coffee, talk about the things we could do, watch a movie, take a nap, eat, enjoy fireworks - repeat x 3 days. It was glorious, but getting up at the normal time and going back to work was killer. We've often joked that we were born for retirement. All those people who retire and then don't know how to fill their days? I just don't get it. We've got enough books and home improvement projects to keep us busy for years!

I spent some time over the week-end snooping around Pinterest. Are you tired of me talking about that yet? Sorry. Anyway, while browsing I came across a couple of photos that caused me to say to Peter, "Let's dig up the backyard, ditch the grass, and make it one giant pool." He hasn't come around to my way of thinking yet, but I'm still working on him...

And finally - whew, there really was a lot going on in my brain - I'm currently reading The Help and I'm having a hard time putting it down to do other things. Like laundry. If you haven't read it, I'd recommend it. There's some language in the book, so be forewarned, but it has been a gentle reminder of a very harsh time in the history of the South. A time that it's easier to gloss over than to face head-on, but Kathryn Stockett has done a wonderful job of keeping it light while keeping it real. Pick up a copy at your local library and start reading.

That's all folks! Hope you had a wonderful July 4th (for those who celebrated) and that you have a good week. See you on Friday with my Thankfulness List!


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend.... How funny - I just finished _The Help_ myself. What a great book...

    Hope you all had a happy 4th and don't have too much trouble returning to the "common life." ;o)

  2. I LOVE your post's title! Witty!

    Glad you had a nice holiday weekend. I find that the laid-back type of weekend is my favorite kind. You just need them sometimes! Apparently, I've ready for retirement too.

    I had the same thought about back to school. I was in a store where all the swim stuff was 30% off and they had all their back-to-school stuff front and center. August 1 seems SO early for school to start. What a short summer!

  3. That pool is breathtaking. Going to have to check out your Pinterest for more inspiration. I should really start playing with mine more - just not enough hours in the day for everything right now! Sounds like is far from dull for you too :) So glad you had time to stop by, though!


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