Thankful For :: 461 - 470

Lots to be thankful for this week!

461. Freedom in Christ as Christians

462. Freedom in our country as Americans

463. My co-workers

464. Renewed desire for financial stewardship

465. A new job for my brother-in-law, and my sister's excitement

466. That even though we're "stuck" here, God has been bringing people from other countries to us

467. Times of discouragement that give us the kick in the pants that we need

468. Three-day week-ends with no set schedule

469. Laughing with family and friends

470. Fireworks (Peter has always been a pyro, so he LOVES the 4th!)



  1. Don't you think most men ARE pyros??? I find it pretty fascinating myself!!

  2. Hey! That's supposed to be a secret! I'm in a support group!


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