Thankful For :: 491 - 500

And so we come to the 500 mark - and I still haven't come up totally blank. In fact, this little habit that I started in August of last year has become so ingrained in me that I actually look around now and think about the smallest things (like #491) and the thought goes through my head, "Hey, I'm really thankful for [blank]..." It has been a wonderful exercise in practicing gratitude.

This week I'm thankful for...

491. Working close enough to our house that I can come home for lunch

492. A hardworking husband who provides for us

493. That the snake was in Peter's office at work, and not in our house (I swear, I think we attract them!)

494. Cleaning products

495. Short work weeks so I can get stuff done at home

496. For Peter's patience (seriously, nothing seems to rattle him when I do something stupid), forgiveness, and IT skills when he brought our laptop back to life after I dumped a bowl of chunky lasagna soup on the keyboard.

497. That I didn't destroy the year-old laptop when my brain decided to turn off

498. For seeing progress on our mortgage pay-off plan

499. For having ready-made meals in the freezer to pull out on those nights I don't feel like cooking

500. For a Heavenly Father who has blessed me with so much and who has ignited in me a desire to grow in Him, to thank Him for all He has done, and to share His blessings with the people in our lives. May I never forget that I am a sinner, saved by His grace alone - in awe that He knew me before I was ever formed.



  1. We live close enough to base that my husband is able to come home for lunch. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. And it saves us money. It's a win-win!

  2. Okay, I have to know... I see you & Beth both posting a continuing list of 10 things you're thankful for each week... Was this just something the two of you decided to do or how did it get started?? I totally want to incorporate something like this into my blog because I LOVE lists and because it is SO good for me to sit & contemplate things I am thankful for!! Love reading your lists each week!

  3. Hey Kaysi - I'm glad this is something you want to do because it has been so helpful for me. I actually started first back in August of last year because I felt like I was taking too much for granted. Here's my very first list: http://carriesbusynothings.blogspot.com/2010/08/this-is-list-that-never-ends.html

    Beth started her list in October of last year and at the time I was doing a weekly link-up of thankfulness posts. But then I realized I had let it become more about who or how many were linking up and I had lost my focus of simply giving public thanks to God for how He has blessed me, so I stopped the linky. I believe that Beth now links up to 1,000 Blessings. Anyway, I found Beth's first list, which you can read here: http://www.bethstonestudio.com/2010/10/list-that-never-ends.html

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello - let me know when your blog is up and running!


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