$2 Well Spent

For some reason, I've lived in this town for almost 11 years now and I just discovered on Friday that we have a farmer's market each Saturday! How could I not have known this?! So of course, I hied myself down there today (since Peter was busy helping a friend) and discovered why I hadn't heard about it - there were only four vendors.

However, I still managed to come home with a jar of white raspberry jam, sugar-free peach butter, two cucumbers, a HUGE zucchini for $0.50, a giant watermelon (to take to Peter and his friends), and {drum roll...} a $2 PUMPKIN!!!! {happy dance}

Not only that, but the folks selling the pumpkin and other produce actually run a farm not too far from us, and last year they grew over 4,000 pumpkins. I think I'm in love and I'm certainly heading out to their farm later this fall. What a good way to start off the week-end! Happy Saturday!

Sorry for the grainy quality of the photo - I took it with the camera in my computer.


  1. Hi from Tucson! I love the photo -- you look so happy! That's great that you found a farmer's market, even a small one, and that you'll have 4,000 pumpkins growing nearby. : ) I'm looking forward to a photo of you in the middle of that pumpkin patch!

    Earlier you were talking about Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes as one of the joys of fall -- I totally agree. Do you know how to make them? I have an espresso machine, so I can make a latte -- do I just add pumpkin pie spice and sugar? I should experiment -- though I'll probably be horrified at the amount of sugar! Maybe stevia?
    God bless you, Carrie, and happy fall!

  2. 4000 pumpkins? That sounds like about as close to heaven for you as you'll find here on earth... ;)

  3. You have got to look on Pinterest for pumpkin decorating ideas. They have been popping up a LOT lately. Painted pumpkins, carved pumpkins, plain pumpkins...you can do just about anything with pumpkins ;) I thought about starting to tag you in a bunch of them lol

  4. Sandy - I'll have to get back to you (in a later post) on the pumpkin spice latte recipe. Peter is actually the one that makes it and he does a really good job of it! :-) In case I don't get that post written soon, I do know he uses pumpkin pie spice and we use Splenda, made to taste.

    Molly - I think I want to be buried in a pumpkin patch when I die. ;-)

    Tiffany - I KNOW! I've been getting a lot of ideas off of Pinterest this year. Anytime you want to tag me, I'm fine with that!


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