Countdown to Pumpkin Launch :: 4

It's getting closer - do you feel it? It's the last week-end in August (or the first week-end before September - however you want to look at it!). I feel the pumpkin {happy dance} coming upon me! Today we're at #4, and yes, I know I sort of cheated today because I listed a couple of drinks on day 8, but I really feel that they deserve their own number, don't you? Good.

Fall drinks*

*Caramel Apple Cider (via Starbucks)
*Pumpkin Spice Latte (via Peter's at home creation)
*Chai tea with milk
*Pumpkin spice hot chocolate with whip
*Apple cider - freshly pressed


  1. OOH Carrie, someday you & Peter need to come to Reno for a visit in the fall and I will take you to this adorable farming community a couple hours away called Apple Hill... You can visit one farm after another and try every kind of apple food you can imagine (and a lot of pumpkin food, too)!! It is seriously one of my FAVORITE fall activities here. I usually make two or three day trips out of it. =D I'M GETTING EXCITED!!!


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