Developing My Style

I am not a style blogger - never have been, never will be. Last fall I attempted to capture my outfits for a week, but by the end of the week, I was sick of looking at myself! However, it was good in many ways because I realized that I was 1) Stuck in a rut, and 2) Starting to compare what I wore to what I saw others wearing on various blogs. It was a reality check that I am ME, not THEM, and I'm totally happy with ME.

But as you probably know from personal experience, styles and tastes change throughout your life. Things that I thought were pure awesomeness as a kid are the things I wouldn't be caught dead in now (although I see the trends returning - like neon and puffy paint and pleated jeans!). Still, I've moved on and the older I get, the more I find myself settling into a style that I would consider comfortable for me. I'm a bit of a mix between Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story, Julia Ormond's character in Sabrina, and Meg Ryan as the adorable "Kathleen Kelly" in You've Got Mail.

{Photo Credits for Katharine, Julia, and Meg}

With a little Julia Roberts and a hint of Laura Croft (Angelina Jolie) thrown in for good measure (how's that for a mix?!).

{Photo Credits for Julia and "Laura"}

I'm generally drawn to classic lines that don't go out of style, wool pants that last for years, simple tailored shirts and plain (a.k.a. pattern-free) fabrics. I was honestly hoping for an office job so that I could dress like that on a daily basis, but alas, the job I ended up with isn't so conducive to cute skirts or tailored clothing. However, the week-ends and my days off are a different matter (she says as she writes this while wearing shorts and a t-shirt - must be a Laura Croft day).

Earlier this summer I was browsing around Target and stumbled upon this reasonably priced Mossimo for Target skirt, which quickly became the base of a fun little "office chic" ensemble (even though I don't work in an office). I added a cute red cardigan (also from Target), and went on the hunt for the perfect shoes, which I ended up purchasing on Amazon to complete the outfit. Throw on a simple white blouse, and we have a fun little number for stepping out on the town with hubby. 

So what's my point? Well, a year ago I probably wouldn't have looked twice at those red pumps, but now I'm willing to step out of the box I've created and try something new. Much like my taste in home design, my personal fashion has changed and evolved as the years have passed. Yes, there will always be elements of style (both at home and in my dress) that remain the same, but I'm gradually finding my niche. I'm developing a style that allows other to point at various items in a store and say, "That looks like you".

While I love seeing what others are wearing or how people choose to decorate their homes, I always want my clothing choices and my home to reflect me - not them. I'm not a fashion model, my house doesn't belong in Better Homes and Gardens, but when Peter comes home at night, he will find a place to unwind and a wife who is comfortable in her own skin (and wearing some cute red shoes).

Being comfortable with who you are and where you live? Quite possibly the best fashion sense of all.


  1. I love that you got some hot little red shoes! That's such an important point that you made. It's tough to not compare my style and decorating skills (or lack of) with others around me and in the blogosphere. But it seems to get a little easier as I continue to age and get to know myself better (also making horrendous mistakes that I never want to repeat doesn't hurt the learning curve).

    When you wear your outfit for date night, is it too much to request a picture????

  2. A picture will be on the list...and of course, on the blog. ;-)


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