I like to tell myself that I write the blog because it's enjoyable to me and it helps me unwind from work and life. And every time I'm convinced that I would do it whether people took the time to comment or not, I go through a period of time where I write posts that I really like and get nothing. Zip, zero, nada. No thumbs up, no likes, no comments. I see other new-ish blogs with large followings and I wonder what spark I'm missing on Busy Nothings. And then I start to let the Feel Bads in. They whisper in my ear "no one cares", "no one reads what you write", or the worst, "they read it and they don't like it enough to comment".


Sometimes it feels like it's just me out here in this great, big, cold cyberspace. Like I'm sitting alone in an empty room talking to myself.

Hello Carrie.

Hello Self.

And then Self and I, we talk about books and gardening and cooking and fashion and things that I want to share with people, and then we hit "post" and we wonder if anyone is going to read it. And will they like it? We don't know. But we hope so. And then Self usually slaps me and says, "no one is going to keep reading the blog if they think you're crazy - stop talking to yourself!"

Oh. Right.

So that leads me to the point of this post - what is it that YOU would like to hear/read? What makes you go back to a blog over and over (and comment)? Is there a certain subject? A style of writing? Short posts? Long posts? I'm really curious to know because I would like to make Busy Nothings the type of place that people enjoy visiting, enough to say hello and then tell their friends about. So help a girl out and give me some feedback - what you like, what you don't like, what you love, what you hate, why you come back, why you only drop by occasionally...you get the idea.

You can be honest - if I don't agree or like what you say, I'll ignore it. {wink, wink}

And, thanks.


  1. I read your blog! Every time you post! It's just that I read it on Google Reader and rarely comment - sorry... I am really not much of a commenter, anywhere! But I really like what you are currently posting. I think you are a great author and a great blogger. Keep up the good work!

  2. I read every day, no matter what you post! Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm encouraged, sometimes I get all teary, and sometimes I even start to comment...and then there's usually an urgent sounding "MOM!!!" and I have to not comment, and then I never get back to it...

    When you went on vacation, I went through withdrawl, and weekend mornings just don't feel right without my daily dose of Carrie.

    Seriously, SOMEDAY, we have GOT to find a way to actually MEET! So, until you get to WA, or I get back to TN, KEEP BLOGGING! (If only for my sanity's sake!) :)

  3. Hi Carrie. First, I read your blog regularly...I'm just TERRIBLE at posting comments. I love your posts, and really enjoy seeing how the Lord is working in you. I like that you're open and honest, even when the honesty doesn't put you in the greatest light. I totally understand how you feel, wondering if you're talking to a wall. I want to encourage you the way the Lord has encouraged me that you're doing it for HIS glory, and you're planting seeds...you just haven't seen the fruit yet. Keep plugging away. Don't be discouraged...and I'll try to be a better reader and comment more :)

  4. Hi Carrie! I discovered your blog a couple months ago, and I love it!! : ) I even kept going back and back reading previous posts till I read them ALL -- now that is a true fan. : ) know you are busy, but one thing that could be nice is if you sometimes respond to comments. Then it would seem like your readers would kind of be having a conversation with you, rather than you posting and wondering if anyone is reading, and then us commenting and wondering if you saw the comment. But I don't think it's necessary to respond to every comment; maybe just a blanket response to several. Just a suggestion. God bless you -- and I look forward to continuing to be blessed by your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Oops, I didn't actually leave specific feedback. I really enjoy the variety of your posts. I enjoy your posts on discipline in terms of money, eating, and taking care of the house; your thoughts on marriage; your book reviews; the beautiful photos you take that show your garden or progress on different projects.... I like how you don't talk about politics much, and even when you did, you were not at all overbearing. I thought the "Story of Us" was so beautiful -- it reminded me of Jim and Elizabeth Elliot. The one and only thing I'm not AS into is clothing, but even there, you have a neat spin on how you approach topics, so I even liked those posts. I would really miss your blog if you stopped writing!

  6. Hi Carrie, I enjoy your blog as well and love how I can still keep in touch with you even though we knew each other so briefly. I think a lot of people read your blog and just don't comment because they might be at work, like me, and have to sneak it in :), or for other reasons. So please be encouraged! Love you!

  7. First off, thanks to all - it's good to hear from you! You certainly made me blush and then I felt bad because I whined about not hearing from anyone. ;-)

    @Sandy B. - welcome! I very much appreciated your suggestion about responding to comments. I would probably be more prone to do that if Blogger made it easier (like with a Reply button with each comment), but as it is, I have been lax in responding. I think that's an excellent suggestion though, and I'll do my best to work on that aspect. Thanks!

  8. You are not alone! I promise I'm in the cyber world with you.

    The 2 things I like best about Busy Nothings are your humor and your photography (that honestly, keeps getting better and better).

    Now, would you please ask Self to stop beating you up? Geesh.

  9. Yeah, I'm a lurker... :o) I do read all of your posts though, and I enjoy them. I'm terrible about commenting though, and half the time, Blogger doesn't LET me comment on stuff. Anyway, your post got me thinking, and I have a related post about what I like and don't like in blogs in general coming out on mine tomorrow - so stop by if you get a chance! Anyway, hang in there... we all have days like that. :o)

  10. I just found your blog today and have enjoyed reading it so far. I added it to my Google Reader. I don't think you can actually comment straight from GR although I'll admit I've never tried. I know you can "like" posts so I'll be sure to do that! :)


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