It's P-Day...

You know, PUMPKIN Day! Almost. Today we begin to clean and prep for the decorations that will be pulled out of hiding in basements and attics and spare bedroom closets. We remove signs of summer and make way for the sights, sounds, and smells of autumn - that's the task of today.

I've got gourds that are prepped and ready to be used for fall decor. I have pins galore on Pinterest that have given me all kinds of ideas on how I can change up my usual fall style. I've got a new fall-inspired blog header ready to go up first thing in the morning.

I'm prepped and ready to put it all together tomorrow - how about you?


  1. Love how you changed the pictures at the top of your blog! : ) Happy almost Fall!

  2. Thanks Sandy! Happy fall to you as well (whenever it cools down!)! :-)

  3. Your enthusiasm is definitely contagious!!!!!!


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