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I know you're all expecting to see some photos of my newly decorated for fall house after all the hype for the last 8 days. And as much as I hate to disappoint you (and I really do hate to disappoint), things got a little busy yesterday and I didn't actually get any fall goodness put up (except for that pumpkin that is still sitting on my dining room table).

I did get some adorable fall fabric and two pillow forms and since I'm off work tomorrow, I plan on getting my craft on and I promise to show you the end results. It just may or may not be before Tuesday of next week. Why? Oh, didn't I tell you?! Peter and I both have the next four days off and with a To Do list that is longer than both of our arms put together, the blog is going on the back burner for the long week-end.

So, enjoy the new fall-themed header, come back tomorrow for my Friday Thankfulness list (I don't skip those) and check back early next week for photos of the bedecked house. In the meantime, get a load of this glorious collection of pumpkins and gourds?! I'm in lust love!

If you are blessed to have a long week-end, please enjoy it and be safe!

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