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Last night I was in a crafty sort of mood and I decided to whip up something simple to hang on the back door of our house. Since I had recently purged the walls in our closet (I told you I had stuff hanging everywhere!), I already had a frame and mat to use for my little impromptu project.

{Here's What Happened...}

I used a letter opener to undo the paper backing on the frame, and then removed the staples that held the print and mat in place. Once I had the mat out of the frame, I added my own simple welcome message and then reversed the process, using Tacky Glue to re-attach the paper to the frame. The only thing I'm wondering about now is if I should have painted the frame black - I think I might like it better that way. But that's easy enough to fix if I decide to do it.


I followed this tutorial that I found, thanks to Pinterest, and I came up with a festive (but not in-your-face-fall) welcome sign. You all know how I feel about pumpkins, so it was only natural that I would choose my favorite line from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" as my welcome message.

I had planned on hanging it with a ribbon, but in the end, I used the original hanging hardware and stuck it on the nail in the door. Keep it simple, right? However, I've been thinking about how I could use the second frame and tie the two together for future decoration (possibly with a little pumpkin drawing in frame #2), so craft time may not be over just yet. Stay tuned...


What about you? Any crafty projects strike you at odd hours? Have you been found using glue and other craft-related items to fall-i-fy your house? Do share!


  1. Cute! I love those little touches that make a difference. And I say yes, paint the frame black :-)

  2. no fall project, but i did suddenly decide to make coasters this weekend. i got a new end table from crate and barrel and don't want rings on it. i have some cheap coasters, but nothing special. after looking on etsy for some i decided i could make some for WAY less. So I bought a box of slate tiles and some felt dots and ta-da my own wonderful coasters for just a couple of $$! pics will be on my blog shortly. And I love the welcome sign!

  3. You inspire. I was a lazy slob last night. Maybe the crafting bug will hit me sometime soon though.
    Goodness knows there are sufficient pins waiting to be tackled!!!

  4. Sarah - I know, I'm still thinking that black would look better, but I haven't done anything about it yet.

    Rachel - Looking forward to those pictures on your blog! I saw some super cute coasters on Pinterest the other day, all made from Scrabble letters glued together - it just annoyed the English major in me that the words didn't spell anything. ;-)

    Molly - I did another Pinterest project today that I'm planning to post next week. What can I say, I'm in a crafting mood! ;-)


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