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Reality Check: Over the last week I've realized this isn't going to work as a weekly update sort of thing. But I'm not giving up altogether - I'm just changing it to a monthly update where I post my goals at the beginning of the month and after the first month, I'll add my results as well. Everyone okay with that? Yes? Good. Thanks for being so understanding. It's one of the things I love about you guys.

So for one last week, let me recap what my goals were and then I'll let you know what the plan for the month is after that. Goals above, results in italics. Let's focus on the goals and not the italics, okay?


1. Spend 5 minutes a day (M-F) picking up piles around the house and actually doing something with the stuff besides simply relocating it to a new pile
I don't know that I can say this is a total fail because I've been trying to pick stuff up and DO something with it as I walk by, so there has been improvement. Still, there are miles to go before I sleep.

2. Spend 1 hour this week working on story ideas for "the book"
3. Get completely through the ironing pile
It's smaller, but not totally done

4. Clean out basement movie room so it's easier to use the treadmill
That didn't happen either - see what I mean about this not working?

5. Cook turkey and make a grocery list of ingredients needed for making freezer meals
I didn't cook the turkey, but I did quite a bit of grocery shopping to stock up for soup making. AND I  succeed in making another recipe from 300 Sensational Soups, so that crosses off #2 from the first week (which is why I'm switching to monthly goals)

* * * * *
My {5} September Goals

1. Cook turkey

2. Spend time on the book - writing, brainstorming, getting something down on paper each week

3. Get the piles picked up around the house and contain the clutter

4. Iron as I do laundry instead of letting it pile up

5. Exercise and start South Beach stage 1 again

The month is still fairly young, so I'm optimistic that I can make some headway on these goals. And if I don't, I'm just pathetic. I just go ahead and say it in case some of you are thinking, "Gee, I do all of that and more before 9AM each day...what's wrong with her?" I'm still trying to develop discipline - why is this so hard?? 

Anyone else in the same boat as me? Do you set goals and then reach a point where you realize you haven't done much to achieve them? What do you do to motivate yourself other than sheer will power and self-discipline? I'd love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment.  


  1. I used to be able to make these ridiculous to-do lists and get through them in a day. Lately I can't seem to do that. I've been shooting for getting them done by the end of the week, but there always ends on being stuff that stays on the list for a long time. And my "long-term" to-do list hasn't had anything crossed off in months. I guess life just happens and I'm staying busy with non-list stuff...

  2. I have a hard time breaking tasks/goals into manageable smaller chunks, so I find myself thinking "well if I don't have time to accomplish this all at once, I guess it won't get done today" instead of chipping away at it. I would like to get better at it but haven't figured out the right strategy.

    I downloaded the book "Getting Things Done" for my kindle, read it, and just didn't quite understand the system the author laid out :) I am an organizational failure.

    Hopefully other readers have some good advice!

  3. Hey! I got on blogspot!! That's an accomplishment for this day. :)

    Seriously, wait! I was serious.

    Ok, clutter is my worst enemy... I almost have to be angry to get rid of stuff. Why is that? But I'm plugging away today... trying to put things where they belong. Throw out trash. Let go! I'm a saver because you never know when you'll need that. ... So motivation... sometimes I reward myself for accomplishing a baby step in the right direction by allowing myself to read another chapter in my current compelling book. :) (or maybe a chance to check my email)

  4. I can relate.... Looking back on my "goals for 2011" list I made back in January, it's very tempting to feel like a total failure... The problem with "resolutions" or goal lists is that they fail to encompass those surprise moments of reality that inevitably come into play... The dog gets sick. You have a family crisis. People pop in for surprise visits. You have 10,000 forms to fill out for the Navy. You open a Pinterest account... ;o) On the other hand, it's always good to work on developing discipline and learning to prioritize and be a wise steward of time. Something we all can work on, I'm sure.... and speaking of which.... gotta run. ;o)

  5. Erika - it's so true! It's not that I haven't been getting stuff done, but none of it has been on my "list" of things to do. Sometimes that's just how life goes, I guess.

    Virginia - Thanks for the book recommendation. I think breaking it down into smaller chunks IS the hardest part. :-(

    Jani - thanks for visiting! I think for me, the problem is that I reward myself a bit too easily without making myself toe the mark at getting things done/cleaned up/marked off the list. :-(

    Beth - Pinterest is great, it's my lack of self-control when I get on there that's the problem. But on the upside, I have actually created several of the projects I've pinned, so that's getting something done, right?! Life happens and I guess you just have to roll with it. Re: those New Year goals - I'm with you all the way!


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