30's Not Looking Too Bad...

Yesterday the UPS truck pulled up in front of my house and left a box on my front porch. Last night Peter presented me with that box and said, "Happy Birthday!" Now, my birthday isn't until December 10th, but I'm never one to turn down an early gift, so I ripped into the package and discovered these...

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Vince Camuto real leather boots that Peter picked out all by himself (and he shopped through Ebates so he earned money back, what a good man!). I'm still amazed at the difference between real leather (quality) boots, and the $13 knock off boots that I got at Shoe Carnival two years ago. Not that I haven't loved my cheap-o boots, but after wearing these, I'm not sure I'll ever go back. Perhaps there really IS something in the quality over quantity idea...


Today I'm trying my first ever pants-tucked-into-boots look and I'm really trying not to feel self-conscious and stupid, but I love the boots so much, I just want to show them off! In the future, I'm planning on wearing them with some of my plaid wool skirts - I think they will be perfect together. Forgive the photo - it was 6:30 and I hadn't finished my coffee yet...


From where I'm standing (in my Vince Camuto boots), 30 doesn't look bad at all...

What's the best birthday gift you have ever gotten?


  1. I'm struggling to remember the best birthday gift I've ever gotten, but those boots are fab!

  2. Those boots are awesome!

    The best birthday gift I received? Hmmm...probably seeing my husband last year when he was on leave before his deployment to Afghanistan. Those 72 hours were amazing!

  3. Last year around my birthday Phil bought me a ring I'd been wanting. Since I knew he had gotten it that wasn't the surprise. No, the surprise was that he also purchased a Japanese puzzle box and put my ring inside of it. I had to open the box to get it out. Sadly, destroying the box was not an option.

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday and the boots are gorgeous. What a great surprise.

  5. Anne - Thanks, I'm LOVING them!

    Karen - That sounds like a wonderful birthday gift!

    Angela - How long did it take you to open the box?!

    Irish - thanks! Birthday isn't actually until this Saturday, but I think you get the honor of being the first person to tell me "Happy Birthday"! ;-)


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