It's here. 30. I've had lots of friends (and even a few strangers) tell me that 30 was no big deal. Thing is, I already know that. It's just a number, like 14 or 56 or 93. Each and every day and year is a gift and a blessing from God.

I'm thankful for all that I was able to do and accomplish in my first 29 years of life (see my Already-Done Bucket List). I'm thankful for the people and situations that God has put in my life to influence and change me into who I am today. I'm grateful that I am exceedingly comfortable in my own skin and that knowing who I am in Christ makes me confident in many other areas as well (including having very little fear of expressing my likes and dislikes). But it's not all about looking backwards - I'm excited about the future and big dreams and seeing what the next ten years might (or might not) hold.

Because my mother was always snapping pictures (a trait that I have inherited from her, apparently), I was able to go through the family photos and find a picture from each year on my birthday. I'm 99.9% sure I got them all on the right days! There were years with family parties and birthdays spent with friends. Then there were the years after Peter arrived on the scene, and birthday's spent overseas, far away from family but surrounded by new friends. It's fun to look back and remember (and if you see yourself, thanks for helping me celebrate over the years!)...


If you're wondering why I'm sharing a cake in several pictures, one of them (#22) is with our pastor (his birthday is 1 day and many years before mine), and all the rest are with my brother who turned 16 a mere two days after I arrived on the scene. We've been celebrating together ever since and will, in fact, be sharing yet another cake tomorrow night (splitting the difference between our birthdays).

And so now I've arrived. I've bid farewell to my 20's and moved into a new decade. I can't wait to see what's next! Thanks for taking part in my little trip down memory lane - your comments over the last few months have been uplifting, encouraging, and a real blessing to me. I'm thankful for the little community of bloggers that I consider my "friends" - though we may never meet in person. Blessings to you!

And Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Have a very happy day! You are a special person and I thank God for you.

  2. My outfits... there are no words. Our faces in #8 - wow. Fun memories.... :o) I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more!

  3. LOVE the photo collage. Happy, Happy 30th Birthday. :)

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you! You'll love the 30s! Love seeing Peter appear in photos from age 17.... how cool that you have known him for such a long time!

  5. Thanks everyone! It was a wonderful day (actually, a great week-end), and I feel very blessed by all the well wishes and birthday greetings (yours included)!

  6. Sophie - I actually met Peter just days before I turned 15, but he wasn't "officially" in my life until my 17th birthday (the picture you saw) when he surprised me by going around to all my friends and calling my out-of-town family to make a video full of birthday greetings. A-MAZ-ING. I think I knew then that he was something special. He also surprised me with a night out at a local theatre watching a Christmas play - oh yes, he went all out. :-)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, friend!! Hope the next 3 decades are even more full & blessed than the first 3!! =)


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