Thankful For :: 681 - 690

Tomorrow's my birthday. Today is my very last day to be 29. Today is a good day. Tomorrow is going to be even better. For 29 years I have been blessed with good health, amazing adventures, a loving family, and a Heavenly Father who knocked on the door of my heart 26 years ago today and gave me the gift of Eternal Life. Oh what a gift that was! For the last 15 years I have been blessed to count Peter as a friend, then more than a friend, and finally, an amazing husband for the last 11 years.

To say that I have been blessed would be an understatement.

Yet I have recently been struggling with discontentment. A desire to be somewhere else, doing something else, experiencing a different culture, eating new foods, and generally ignoring the day-to-day issues that somehow seem so big when you're in the midst of them. But you know what? They're not really big at all. On Sunday we heard about the Persecuted Church in Iran. Our problems pale in comparison. Oh yes, there are annoyances and disappointments and I'm quite sure that I'll continue to come home on some days wishing that all the grumpy people in the world would just disappear (hmmm...guess I would be among them on those days!), but the reality is that I am blessed. My complaints are small and my "hardships" are really just me choosing to give in to my pity-party.

Our First-First Lady was a pretty smart cookie, wasn't she? I saw this quote on Pinterest earlier this week and it seemed to tie in to how the Lord had been working on me. I don't believe in coincidences, and I know that the Holy Spirit continues to work on me and He uses all kinds of things to bring about conviction and growth, from hearing about my fellow Believers in Iran to searching my heart during communion, even using Pinterest pins to remind me that contentment is a choice. It's choosing to be thankful no matter what our circumstances. I'm thankful that on my 29th year, 364th day, God is still teaching, growing, changing, and molding me to become more like Him.

This week I'm thankful for...

681. Spiritual growth and conviction

682. Religious freedom

683. Articles that remind me that I need to speak as well as live out my faith - read it HERE

684. For never experiencing any major health issues (no chicken pox or broken bones)

685. Birthday money that allowed me to splurge (with Peter's OK)...

686. ...and indulge my inner Laura Croft with some sweet black leather boots

687. Free Christmas jazz concerts

688. Twenty-six years of knowing Jesus as my personal Savior - life changing is an understatement

689. Healthy communication in marriage

690. (Almost) 30 years of fun and laughter - come back tomorrow for a visual!


Remember, come back tomorrow for an unusual Saturday post - direct from the Birthday Girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Eve, Carrie! I predict you will thrive even more in your 30's. God's richest blessings on you! : )

  2. Well today is Sat (your birthday) as I read this. I hope you have a fantastic day and can't wait to read this upcoming post of yours. I always appreciate your thankful posts, they always give the reader something to think about. Happy Birthday Carrie.


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