What I Got For Christmas: An Update

Remember my wish list that I shared back in November? Remember the list I made last year? Let's just say that Peter came through, and came through with flying colors. Ladies, if your husband is secretly (or not so secretly) lamenting that he doesn't know what to give you, let me help you out with a tip...email the man a link to a wish list or two. I created two wish lists this year (not counting the blog) on Pinterest and Amazon (using the Universal Wish List button feature for Amazon), and then emailed the links to Peter. Let's just say there was a lot of squealing in our house over this...

And these...

And we can't forget these...

Or the soundtracks to some of my favorite films...

{Amazon - used, for additional savings}

Or the original movies to some of my favorite books...

{Amazon - Cheaper By the Dozen / Belles on Their Toes}

And he even indulged my inner kitchen-gadget nerd...


Yes, he did well.

On a slightly separate note, two days before Christmas I started purging the house like a mad woman. I felt compelled to remove things that I really didn't like, or use, from the house before bringing more junk gifts into the mess. If you have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket and you have always wanted to mark "Make pasta from scratch" off of your bucket list, then please check out the imperia pasta maker that I have listed for sale on Amazon. For the last 12+ years it has been sitting, brand new (never even removed from the box) in closets and kitchen cabinets, and I'm done storing it. I know that I will never, ever try to make pasta from scratch when I can buy it, so I'm giving up the illusion and hoping to get some money out of the thing. 

{Amazon - find mine listed as New under the Busy Nothings shop}

Ooh, look, it's shiny. Doesn't it make you want to move to Italy and grind your own flour for homemade pasta?

So, what was YOUR favorite gift this year?


  1. I keep meaning to mention, I love the Christmas header...so cute! Also...we have been watching Frasier on Netflix over the past several months. I'm so disappointed that we're in the 10th season! It's so hilarious. Glad you had a merry Christmas!

  2. Ummm.... I didn't know that a bowl scraping mixer head even existed. But now that I do, I'm not sure how I've lived without it :)

    Peter really did a great job! I love watching Frasier. I think it is such a funny show! Did you get all the seasons?? Wow!

  3. hahah it does!!! And I've secretly thought of getting one one day. Now I won't though! So glad your wishlist worked!!!

  4. Lexi - We're flying through them as well! Season One is done and we're almost through Season Two - so funny!

    Erika - It's all thanks to Pinterest that I found that scraping mixer head. Can't wait to give it a try! And yes, he found all 11 seasons of Frasier for a really amazing deal. :-)

    Sophie - Glad I could help. It's such a cool little gadget, but the reality is that I'd rather buy a bag of pasta for $1. ;-)

  5. Haha! I LOVE that you got the Ocean's soundtracks!! I have the soundtrack from the first movie and have always thought the soundtrack from the last one would probably be good, too! I kinda thought I was the only person in the world who owned such an album... Glad to know I'm not! ;o) How fun!


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