Thankful For :: 711 - 720

Well, Christmas is over and we're preparing to bid farewell to yet another year before ringing in 2012. It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over already - time flies, doesn't it? We had a relaxing Christmas, which included hosting our First Annual Christmas Eve Soiree (and total success) where laughter was loud and a good time was had by all.

Christmas day was spent at home, just the two of us, with hours in our pajamas, squealing over Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, and more than a few episodes of Frasier thanks to my fabulous husband's shopping skills. After enjoying the day as slugs, we topped it all off by heading over to my parent's house for some more celebrating and gift exchanging with several of my family members, and phone calls to Peter's family in Florida and Michigan. All in all - delightful.

I hope your holiday week-end was equally as pleasant and that you were able to spend some time reflecting on the True Reason for the Season in the midst of all the excitement and craziness.

To close out 2011, this week I'm thankful for...

720. Successfully attempting three new vegetable recipes for our Soiree

721. Who we felt led to invite to the meal

722. That whatever sciatic pain I was experiencing seems to have gone away with lots of ibuprofen and heat

723. Time to enjoy pajamas, hot chocolate, and laughter with my honey

724. Laughing so much with family that we all totally loose track of the time (long after our normal bedtimes!)

725. After-Christmas sale shopping with my mom, sister, and husband

726. Time spent making realistic goals for the new year

727. A sense of peace about the future

728. Book ideas

729. Gift cards to two of my favorite places - Carrabba's and a bookstore

730. Excitement about what the future could hold, but better still, knowing Who holds the future

See you next year!

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