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Have you tried the Target Up & Up brand of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? It produces results which are nigh on miraculous with very little elbow grease needed. LOVE it!

While walking around Lowe's the other day, we came across a dust covered ceiling fan blade universal vacuum attachment. Since we had a gift card and the attachment was only $9.99 at our store, we got it. Best.Invention.Ever. Better still? Peter offered to clean the blades for me since he's taller. DOUBLE LOVE!!

Also spotted at Lowe's, this nontraditional ceiling fan which caused me to immediately think of a couple of rooms where I would love to try it out. I'm not a huge fan (no pun intended) of the Harbor Breeze brand (I'm a Hunter girl), but I do love the look of this!


It's never too early to start your Christmas Wish List, right? As soon as I saw that Dee (Red Letter Words) had come out with hymns on canvas, I added this one to the list. Great Is Thy Faithfulness is one of my all-time favorite hymns, and one that I usually can't make it through without crying (for various reasons). What a beautiful reminder that all I have, the Lord has provided!


A Fresh Market just recently opened near us, and the whole store makes me drool. However, while I do enjoy a trip to The Fresh Market, what is making #5 on my list is the Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap in Lavender that I picked up while I was there. It makes doing dishes...better.


There's my five - what's bringing a smile to YOUR face this week?


  1. I LOVE this kind of list! And hysterical...I have a scheduled post in a similar vein going up tomorrow morning....except I'm a lemon verbena girl :)

  2. The hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness is very special to me, too -- in fact, we sang it at our wedding. : )
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. That fan from Lowes is all sorts of awesome. Paint colors are making me smile this week. Particular a dark taupe and an orange/red.

  4. That fan is great!
    This week I'm happy about finding an online store for dog food - they deliver for free! my life is very exciting :)

  5. We are getting a Fresh Market soon nearby. I only hate that all of the natural/healthy/organic places are a 30 minute drive from home...but this will raise our choices from 2 (1 1/2 really, cuz one of them is very small) to 3 (and I think there might be a 4th coming soon, too!)

  6. Oh, and I like the fan, too - do you remember if it has a light? I don't love the look of ceiling fans, but it is a must in the bedrooms (I even have to use mine all winter) and hubby is forever hitting his arms/hands on it because of where he often chooses to change his clothes, ha ha.

  7. YES on the Magic Eraser!!! (The real thing and the off-brand.)

  8. Anne - Great minds...

    Sandy - I purchased the Red Letter Words "Psalm 1" print because it was the chapter we read at our wedding. Love those kinds of memories!

    Karen - I know, I love fans, but what I love even more are fans that don't look like fans!

    Virginia - Deliver for free? That's worthy of the {happy dance}!

    Lisa - You'll love Fresh Market! It's pricy, but such a fun place to shop! Hope you got my email about the fan, but just in case you didn't and you check back here, it DOES have a light. Check your local Lowe's (they have to order it).

    Kaysi - YAY!! :-)


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