Thankful For :: 751 - 760

One year. That's a pretty big milestone for me. Why? I've been at my job for one year. In fact, although my official hire date was January 24, 2011, I was just looking at my calendar from last year and I noticed that my first non-training work day was January 27 - one year ago today. I never thought I'd make it. Last year at this time, I was driving home every day in tears - on my lunch break AND when I left work for the day. I knew I was never going to get it and taking the job was a mistake. For the first three months, I was counting down until I could quit (I'd given my word that I would work at least a year), and then suddenly, I wasn't counting anymore.

Did I suddenly like my job? Had I gotten a pay increase that made the job more appealing? Did I get new co-workers? No, no, and no. So what happened? I allowed God to change ME. I came crying (and whining) to the Lord about how I hated my job, I constantly made mistakes, it was too hard and I didn't have it all figured out like I thought I would. You know what I heard back? "You asked Me over and over again for a job, and now that you have one, you're complaining. You need to learn about humbleness, grace, forgiveness, and be reminded that you need Me to get through the day."

Okay, Lord...I'm listening.

Growing hurts - you must remember those growing pains you had as a kid, when it felt like your legs were going to burst. Spiritual growth, especially when you're not ready for it, is no different. I had a chip on my shoulder when I walked in the door one year ago - and God quickly knocked it off. I was driven to the Bible and to my knees as I cried out for Him to help me. I wrote about some of those times of growth, which you can read about in my Growing Pains, Amazing GraceRediscovering Lost Joy, Finding Hope, and Confident Dependence posts.

It wasn't fun (and some days, it still isn't), but it was necessary to get me out of the spiritual rut that I had dug for myself. As always, God knew what I needed long before I realized I needed it. Even when it hurts, may the growth never end!

If you're wondering what's next...I'm currently studying for a test that my boss strongly suggested that I take if I want to stick around for a while longer. I don't know that I want to stay at this job or even in this line of work, but since the company will pay ($$$) for me to take the test, I might as well give it a go. After all, it never hurts to add something else to your resume, right? So I'm studying (and freaking out over the math), and I'll be taking the test sometime in the near future. {YIKES} As for what the extended future holds...only the Lord knows. For now, I'm hanging on to the day job and looking into other options for the long-term, all the while, keeping 1 John 5:14 in mind.

This week I'm thankful for...

751. Surviving a year at my job

752. The personal and spiritual growth that I've experienced over the last year

753. An understanding, loving spouse who also told me to "deal with it" when that's what I needed to hear! 

754. The opportunity to help us reach our financial goals

755. My co-workers, who have been patient beyond belief with my continual questions

756. Seeing ways that God can use me to encourage others

757. This really strange, unseasonably warm weather we've been having - where's the snow?

758. Getting our Psalm 1 canvas in the mail - we LOVE it!

759. Free Spicy Chicken Biscuits from Chick-fil-A

760. My retro-looking timer that helps me remain focused on the task at hand


What are YOU thankful for this week?


  1. Congratulations on one year! I feel the same way about Oklahoma - it wasn't Oklahoma that needed to change, it was me.

  2. I could say this about a few things in my life. What a beautiful testimony to growth.

  3. Congrats on one year and all the growth that it has brought :)

  4. Oh Carrie, your words about God changing YOU in your attitude about your job ring SO TRUE for me as well... You know the situation I'm referring to. I only wish I hadn't been so stubborn about my situation when I was still in the midst of it. I, too, was given something I prayed for for YEARS, then I let my entire attitude turn sour because the circumstances weren't exactly what I'd hoped for... How ignorant of me, since the SUBJECT of my answered prayers was above & beyond. =/ *sigh* I'm thankful I've finally been allowing God to change ME over the past few months... You're right, growth hurts, but may it never end!!!

  5. Karen - well said!

    KimB - we're all in the growth process.

    Erika - thanks! And congrats on Baby Gilroy! :-)

    Kaysi - Still praying for you! :-)


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