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Louis Armstrong's album, What a Wonderful World - a favorite of mine since I was 6 years old and it was the only CD that my brother (a recent college grad, living  back at home while getting his business started) would let me listen to from his collection. I would creep down the hall, peek in the door, and then BEG him to let me wear the (giant) headphones so I could listen to Armstrong while he worked at his desk. I'm quite sure he never expected it to still be a favorite of mine some twenty-four years later.

Along the same lines, I recently went through our digital music collection and put together an eclectic mix of songs that I used to motivate myself while cleaning out the office. While browsing through the Hits of 1971, I came across Judy Collins singing, Amazing Grace - stunning! I think what struck me was the fact that during a decade of U.S. history that gives us very little to be proud of, the lyrics of a former slave trader proclaiming the Amazing Grace of God made the top 100 in the music charts (#80 for 1971).

I've tried a lot of scrub brushes for doing dishes, and while there are times that a washcloth is really the best tool, I do love my OXO Good Grips Soap Squirting Palm Brush. The soap goes nicely in the top and you can squirt out more as you need it, but the best part of this brush is the fact that you can buy refill heads without replacing the whole brush. I got my brush at Target, but I order my pack of 2 brush refills from Amazon and get free shipping and no tax (for now).


I have recently developed a love/hate relationship with Mod Podge as I have been drawn into a craft project for the office, which deserves a whole post of it's own. At any rate, the last week has seen me elbow deep in cheap clipboards, acrylic paint, foam brushes, and...Mod Podge. When it works, I love the end result, but when I get impatient and screw it up, I hate it. Since I hadn't used it before, I went as cheap as I could and started with a 4 oz. bottle - wise move on my part as the last thing I needed was to be stuck with 16 oz. of a glue-type substance that I might or might not like. If you haven't used it before - TRY IT.

Last week we got an email from my mother-in-law that suggested we might like this cartoon from 1948. Indeed we did! It's worth the 9.5 minutes it takes to watch it, and it just goes to show that the wisest man who ever lived (King Solomon) was right - there is nothing new under the sun!

What are YOU loving this week?

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